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    Outgrowing Radians: Frontier 90s-side-by-side in a 98 Camry?

    I have had my twins side-by-side in the backseat of my old Camry from age 1 until now (4.5yo), both RF/FF in Diono/SK Radians. Now they are getting close to outgrowing the Radian harnesses and seems that high-back boosters are all the rage now, thinking I will need to get another set of (4!) seats to get them through the next stage, right? My children are already about 48inches tall and need something to carry them through until we're done with carseats.
    Was thinking of Frontiers since the new ones are supposedly easy to use and they are the tallest so could get the biggest bang for the (large!) bucks I will be spending. Assuming that's the best idea (is it? Or is it possible that they could use something a little smaller and just grow out of carseats faster?), I am so bummed to think they will no longer be able to be side-by-side, thus losing the extra seat in the back of the Camry we have come to enjoy from time-to-time. Just wanted to check if anyone else had any other input/ideas/advice?

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    Re: Outgrowing Radians: Frontier 90s-side-by-side in a 98 Camry?

    I assume you're wanting to harness them? They're technically old enough that they could just be in belt positioning boosters, but they need to be behaviorally ready to sit still. Assuming that you want to harness awhile longer, the Frontier 90 is certainly an option.

    Other seats you might want to consider:

    -Harmony Defender: very narrow, taller slots than a Radian, becomes a nice belt positioning booster down the line. Much more budget friendly than the FR90.
    -Evenflo Sureride: slots nearly as tall as the FR90, possibly narrow enough that two could fit side by side, also much more budget friendly. It's technically a convertible and doesn't become a booster later, but you might want a dedicated booster anyway.

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