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    High harness height seat for front seat of pickup truck


    We are looking at getting a pickup truck to pull a camping trailer and we have 4 children.


    E - 6.5 years, 49", 49lbs just changed to booster mode in Frontier 85.
    O - 4.5 years, 42", 37 lbs, harness mode in Frontier 85.
    A - 2.5 years, 36", 30 lbs, rf in Foonf or Nextfit
    G - 10 mths, 29.5", 21 lbs, rf in Keyfit but moving to Nextfit very soon.

    I believe I've heard that the best child to ride in front is the oldest harnessed rider, is that correct? The problem is my husband wants as much room as possible to be comfortable driving and wants a narrower seat than the frontier. My kids are all torso and we just moved O out of the Foonf forward facing into the Frontier. He was at the top of the harness height in the Foonf. What, ideally inexpensive, harnessed forward facing seats would be narrower than the frontier to put in that center front seat.

    I'm open to any other suggesting for seating locations as well! And we know the Chevy/GMC line does not allow car seats in that center seat so we are only looking at Ford and Dodge for the truck.

    Thanks for any and all advice!

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    Re: High harness height seat for front seat of pickup truck

    The Harmony Defender is pretty narrow, but it only has maybe 1" taller harness than the Foonf.

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    Re: High harness height seat for front seat of pickup truck

    The Evenflo Sureride has a high harness and is relatively narrow.
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    Re: High harness height seat for front seat of pickup truck

    Thanks for the options! And am I right that O should be the one in the front seat? And since you can use the bottom of the seat (where it connects into the floor) as a tether for rear facing, is it also ok to use that spot to tether the seat facing forward in the front?

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