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    Actual height limit of Diono convertibles

    I am looking to buy a car seat for vacation use. I need to order it online (I live in Europe) so we won't be able to try it.
    I was looking at differerent forward facing options until I realized my five year old may still be able to rearface in one of the Diono seats (Olympia, Pacific, Rainier etc.)
    She is 42.5 inches (rf limit 44 inches + the one inch rule) and 39 lbs (rf weight limit 45/50).
    Theoretically she should still be able to rf in this seat, but I am trying to find out if she is likely to actually fit (harness slots, one inch rule etc). I know this is impossible to answer, but I would appreciate some input from someone who has their child rf while getting close to the height limit or someone who had to turn their child before 44 inches.
    I realize I could just order the seat and turn it ff if she doesn't fit rf, but if she is not likely to fit rf anyway I would rather pick a ff seat that is cheaper.

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    CPS Technician tiggercat's Avatar
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    Oct 2006
    My son outgrew the Dionos RF around 3y11m/42in/38lbs. He is long torsoed, and I've seen other kids fit right up to 44in. For a 5yo I probably wouldn't bother with a Diono, personally.
    Natalie, CRST-I, mum of Greg (15), Megan (10), Benjamin and Samuel (6).

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    Re: Actual height limit of Diono convertibles

    Thanks for your informative response!
    And sorry I lost track of this post.
    She weighed in at 38 lbs today, and unless she gains 2 pounds over the next 8 weeks we have a few other (taller) rf options as well.

    The reason I would prefer rearfacing her still is that it would let me avoid the booster vs harnessing question. I am used to the Swedish recommendations that say to go straight to a booster from extended rearfacing because of the possibility of added neck impact when ff in a harness. I realize the recommendations in the US are the complete opposite - harness as long as possible, so I am confused.

    The option I am considering now is one of the Graco headwise/mysize/size4me 70. Does the change in rf height limit apply to all of these (1 inch rule regardless of standing height)?

    According to this great comparison (bottom picture) I would think she will be able to fit rf:

    The boy in the pictures is 43" tall, has a 15,5" torso and a seated height of 22"
    I measured my daughter to be 42,5, 16 and almost 24 (23,7).

    From the pictures, would you say that the boy has more than two inches of seated height to grow in this seat? Do you think I can be pretty sure my child will fit rf? If she ends up being too tall after all we could ff her in that seat.

    Any advise on which of the graco seats would would work best on an airplane? If possible I would prefer to have her sit in it to avoid having to check it

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    Senior Community Member krasota's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
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    Re: Actual height limit of Diono convertibles

    It's a 1.5" rule on Diono, I believe.

    My son still had more than 2" above his head in the RXT when he was 44.5" (I had him in it for a quick ride, not realizing he was half an inch over the rule). He was 6y. He didn't find it comfortable, for whatever reason. I think the velcro strap for folding it was twisted under the cover, actually.

    Whether a kid that age fits is highly individual.
    Ronan (04/07) five steps!
    Aenea (03/12) FF RXT

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    Jan 2010

    Re: Actual height limit of Diono convertibles

    My son is 6 and around 43" and still fits in his Radian with a little room to grow. He is more leg than torso though, so will have a little more time in than others.

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    CPS Fanatic
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    Jan 2011

    Re: Actual height limit of Diono convertibles

    Took my 3.8 YO out FF because harness kept slipping below his shoulders.
    He is really tall. He did RF in it until a bit past age 3 though.

    The seat is so heavy. I could not manage it on vacation.

    For age 5 on vacation I'd go with any lightweight option!
    Seatbelt and 59" (9 YO)
    Harmony Youth (8 YO)/Clek Olli (6YO)
    Harmony Dreamtime (5 YO)
    Clek Fllo (3 YO, RF)/Graco 40 (15 months)
    + 2 Recaro Performance boosters in spare car

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    Senior Community Member happiness-and-balance's Avatar
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    Newfoundland, Canada
    I'd go with an Evenflo Maestro.

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