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    Graco 4ever All in One or Graco Smart Seat AIO?

    I've narrowed it down to these 2 seats for our new baby to use from birth. Any thoughts or ideas on which one is better for a newborn? My babies range in size from 7-10# at birth. Our infant carrier is expired and this is our last baby, so I don't want to buy another one.

    I'm driving a 2012 Honda Pilot.
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    Re: Graco 4ever All in One or Graco Smart Seat AIO?

    I have no personal experience with either, but it's pretty universally thought here that the smart seat is a heavy over priced PITA that makes a crappy booster. The 4ever is very very well liked, and truly functions as promised at all stages (RF convertible, FF, and booster). I don't recall reading anything about how well it fits newborns though, a tech will chime in about that.

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    You might consider the Size4Me/MySize/Contender clones. You won't need a booster for 5-6 years and typically dedicated boosters provide a better fit than all in one seats. They can be found relatively inexpensive and by then you might be ready for a new cover- sometimes seats that old can get dingy just from normal use anyways.

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    Of those 2 the 4ever hands down is the better seat, it's easier to use and install and lasts longer in every mode. It does fit newborns well (maybe not the teeniest but the average size newborn you are expecting should fit well).

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    Re: Graco 4ever All in One or Graco Smart Seat AIO?

    Graco Milestone is quite similar to the 4Ever and a lot less expensive. Doesn't become a backless booster or have quite the ease of recline, but saves you so much money you can get another good booster later, as it's really nice to have several boosters once we hit kindergarten and start riding places with friends
    The Smartseat could maybe be called Jumbo McGiant, it's so huge and a pain to deal with
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