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    Would you consider this an accident?

    I got hit in a parking lot tonight. I was driving down an aisle and a construction truck with a big metal bumper backed into my drivers' side door. I could not open the door until someone opened the back door to release the door from binding. My door is completely caved in and now won't close all the way. DD's Oobr was installed in the back seat on the passenger side. I know that Clek says to replace in any accident but I need opinions. Do you think the seat needs to be replaced?
    Brooke, Mom to Morgan, 8 years old, riding safely in her Oobrs.

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    I think it would depend on speed. If you were at a standstill and the truck was very slowly backing into you (which must have been pretty scary right next to you!!!) then I might let it go because it seems like there would really be no "force" on the oobr.

    But the extent of damage certainly says "accident" to me. If you and/or the car were "jolted" at all then definitely replace.
    Although probably no matter what. I think replacing is the "right" answer.
    We had a minor accident where we replaced a
    Radian and a Recaro Vivo but not the Britax Frontier.
    I felt wasteful and hypocritical recycling two seats and continuing to use one. But I followed the rules!
    Ann, mom to 3 big brothers and a baby girl:
    DS1 - Aug 2006, 80 lb, 56", incognitos
    DS2 - May 2008, 77 lb, 51.5", Vivo or NBB
    DS3 - June 2011, 46 lb, 43", FF in FR85 or booster training
    DD - May 2015, 19 lb, 29", ) Snugride 30

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    CPS Technician Kobain's Mommy's Avatar
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    Re: Would you consider this an accident?

    There was enough force to cause pretty significant damage to the car then I would replace it.

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    Carseat Crazy
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    Did you have success getting insurance to help replace seats?



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