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    CARES + Ridesafer Vest for small 4-yr-old?

    This forum was extremely helpful to me before, so I'm asking for your help again!

    We will be traveling with our daughter next month to the UK (on B.A.) and later to Israel (also B.A.). She will be 4.8 yrs, has just (finally!) tipped the scale at 30 Lbs and is about 39" tall. She's the leanest thing ever -- skinny, long limbs, no waist, short torso.

    We've used the Scenera on the plane (and in cars at our destinations) the last several trips, but both my husband and I are ready to throw it (and each other) into the trash if we ever have to install it again, esp. in UK where the seatbelts don't lock. Also, the last time we flew B.A. (when DD was just 4) I convinced them to let us put her in the Scenera on board, but it was a huge headache and I don't want to go through that again, since they technically don't allow kids over 3 in carseats.

    My current thought is: CARES on the plane, and a Ridesafer Vest for driving (usually to/from airport, the occasional taxi, and a couple of long-ish drives to visit relatives). But since my DD is so skinny, I'm worried that both the CARES and the RideSafer might be borderline for her in terms of size. She fits the min. weight and height for both products, and she is mature enough to sit properly and not try to wriggle out or unbuckle anything, but I'm worried she'll be swimming in these things, and they just won't be safe. There's also the question of sleeping in the CARES on the plane (it's a night flight), which seems uncomfortable.

    Another option is a Diono, but we probably won't be able to use it on the plane (thanks, B.A.) and since it's massively heavy (although folding) I'm wondering if it makes sense to buy one just for a few drives. We do this trip every year, though, so I could buy a seat (here? in the UK?) to leave at my sister's in UK permanently. But it would still have to go back and forth on the flights to Israel.

    I've looked at some high-back-boosters (only for car, not for plane obviously -- so that would still be a CARES) with a min. weight of 30 (e.g. Harmony), but I'm nervous about not having her harnessed, even though she meets weight and age/maturity requirements here too.

    I'd appreciate any advice, experience with tiny children in the harness or vest, and any options I haven't considered. Cost is not much of a concern, within reason.

    Thanks everyone,

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