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    Help please! What seats for a Dodge Dakota quad cab?

    My husband has traded in his minivan for a 2008 (I think) Dodge Dakota quad cab pickup truck . We have three girls ages 1, 5 and 7, who are not in his car often, but will need an occasional ride from daddy to or from school etc. I've never had a pickup before, and I'm worried about the proximity of the rear glass, lack of center latch connectors as well as a rear headrest in the center position.

    What we have in our seat arsenal:

    12 month old: RF EFTA installed in my van, combi coccoro, Keyfit 22, which she still actually has room in, as shes an incredibly petite 15.5 lbs at 1 year.

    5 year old: FR 85 in harnessed mode in my van, Evenflo chase (deluxe? with the headwings) which was in my husbands van, but I hate it, and would be happy to see it go away, and an evenflo Big Kid sport HBB which has been used for an occasional carpool. She is over 4/40 for the booster.

    7 year old: Parkway SGL HBB in my van, HB Turbobooster, Harmony Literider, BubbleBum.

    So what do I put in there? And where? I'm thinking the Coccoro for the 1 year old outboard drivers side, as I really dislike installing the CCO with a seatbelt. There are no locking retractors in the Dakota, and I find the CCO lockoff hard to use. My CCO is also the older model manufactured without a RF tether, so I want her in a spot with a headrest for rebound concerns. (PS- I've heard that the RF tether IS compatible with the older CCO's- can anyone tell me for sure if this is accurate? If it is, I'll buy one right now, being that it is going in a pickup, regardless of where I put her).

    If I put my tiny outboard, one of my big girls will have to be in that center position without a headrest. Are any of the afore mentioned boosters okay to use in HBB mode without a headrest? I think I would prefer to booster both girls in the truck. My husband will occasionally need to take passengers in the truck, and if he removes a harnessed seat, he almost certainly will not reinstall it correctly if it needs to be used before I can put it back. He should never have so many passengers that he would need to remove the CCO though, so that's a plus.


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    The high back turbo can be used without a headrest. The big kid might also be able to be used without headrest- check your manual. The older cocorro can be used with a tether, if I recall correctly. Call combi and you should be able to purchase one from them.

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    Re: Help please! What seats for a Dodge Dakota quad cab?

    If it's a 2008 the seatbelts do lock, just not at the retractor but at the latchplate. So you just buckle and pull tight on the shoulder belt portion and the lap belt should lock.

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    Your parkway booster can also be used without a headrest behind it, if you want the younger child in that for the safeguard feature.
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