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    3 Across - RF & 2 boosters


    Need recommendations (somewhat complicated so bear with me). We have to replace a Britax marathon for 2 new seats. Details: Baby is 15 mths, aprox 18.5 pds/ ~28 inches tall.

    Need 2 seats (for two vehicles).
    Vehicle 1: 2007 Kia Sedona EX, seat will be removed rarely, in second row "captain seat" behind front row passenger. Possibly replace w/ newer version Britax?

    Vehicle 2: 2014 Murano SL. Three seats across. Siblings in graco turbobooster (with backs) in outside seats, RF baby will be in middle. Seat will have to be secured via seatbelt as no latches in middle. These seats will need to be removed on a semi-regular basis. Turboboosters are still in boxes, so they are returnable if better ideas are out there...

    *Need at least one of the new seats to be airplane/travel friendly.

    Bottom Line: 2 new RF infant seats required (2 vehicles), 1 vehicle which will require 3 across. seatbelt install, removed semi-frequently.

    Appreciate the help!

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    Re: 3 Across - RF & 2 boosters

    Hi there,

    I don't know your specific vehicles, but the Britax convertibles (infant/child) seats fit well in most cars. Their G4 seat requires the use of an anti rebound bar, which should come included with the newest seats off the assembly line but an older date of manufacture may need you to phone to request one. The drawback of this seat is it doesn't have the highest limits for rear or forward facing height, so a taller child may outgrow it rear facing and forward facing sooner than some other seats.

    Regarding the other vehicle and the three across, the turbo boosters are quite narrow seats so they might work well. Here is a list of some frequently recommended infant seats including pros and cons. The Chicco Keyfit fits really nice in almost every car, is narrow, and has easy UAS and seatbelt install. Maybe the best thing to do is go to a store with a wide variety of seats like babies r us, and try two TBs and various infant seats so you can see how they fit before you buy. In addition to them actually just all fitting back there, having room for your hand to actually buckle the booster is important too. Good luck!
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