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    Question Non-emergency transport shuttle van with toddlers

    Hi, I work for a company that provides non-emergency transportation to elderly disabled and/or developmental/physically disabled adults. Sometimes, however, our clients may have small children that require car seats. Our transportation service is NOT public transportation; it is more like a privately owned/non-profit shuttle service. The vehicle is a van with a wheelchair lift.
    Here is my question:
    If a client has toddlers that normally require car seats, can we legally transport these children without car seats?

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    Hi there!

    Whether or not that's legal will probably depend on your state and the type of vehicle (possibly including how many seating positions).

    Regardless, it likely isn't SAFE to transport children without seats. To protect yourself from the liability that comes with that, I'd try to meet with a Child Passenger Safety Technician in your area. If you provide your location, we might be able to provide more information.

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    In my state, the same seat belt and child passenger restraint laws would apply to your vehicle because it sounds like it carries 15 or fewer passengers.

    I would suggest getting something to keep in the van and learning how to use it. Something like Uber has done with the portable IMMI Go seat in NYC and Philadelphia. Your drivers would need to be trained in how to install the seat. A child passenger safety technician in your area should be able to help with that.
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    ▄ber drivers have car seats?!
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    Re: Non-emergency transport shuttle van with toddlers

    Quote Originally Posted by T4K View Post
    ▄ber drivers have car seats?!
    Yes, The Car Seat Lady has had posts on her facebook page (she's the one who trained the drivers on installation).

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