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    Air travel advice


    I will be flying Southwest with my almost 2 year old in a few weeks and trying to decide between taking my Graco MyRide 70 or my Diono Radian. Considering both fit and ease of installation on the aircraft (and my mother's car on the other end), and ability to lug it around the airport (with any tips on best way for this much appreciated).
    Being pretty small, those kinds of considerations are important also.

    Also wondering about whether to still rear-face on aircraft as I do in my car?

    Thanks for any insight and advice!

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    I like rear facing in planes cause the kids can't kick the seat. Saves a lot of talking. Do you have a stroller or a car seat cart?

    I would use whichever one you can strap onto something else the easiest.

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    Re: Air travel advice

    I would probably take the MyRide. Both of your seats are bulky, but the MR is a little lighter, and is less likely to have a problematic installation in your mom's car.

    Either way, I agree with Sarah that it is easiest to get a car seat through the airport by using a stroller or luggage cart. My preference is to use a stroller, since I usually want to take one anyway, and strap the car seat and ALL carry-on luggage to it. Then I use a carrier for the baby/toddler.

    As for RF or FF on the aircraft, experts generally will say that RF is still safer, but the difference is safety is not nearly as dramatic in aircraft as in cars. I prefer RF because it makes it easier for the child to sleep, interact with you, and keep toys in the seat (i.e. not drop toys on the floor). Be aware that sometimes flight attendants will instruct you to install the seat FF, so you might want to print out the FAA guidelines to show them. (Helpful information, including a link to the FAA advisory circular, found here.) If they push it, then I would advise you to comply with them and take it up later with the airline. Even if you are right and they are wrong, it is not worth getting thrown off the flight to RF a toddler (IMO).
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    I would take the Radian and bungee it to a luggage cart. Depending on the plane, you may be able to even roll it down the aisle since it's narrow, and it'll be much more pleasant to sit next to it. Personally, being one who nearly got kicked off a plane for RFing an 18mo, I'd just FF (particularly since both are big seats.)
    Good luck!
    Kate // CPST, SK Senior Checker, & Mom to M (12/2010)

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