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    Frontier 90 (or Nautilus) in a Nissan Rogue

    Short version: Does a Frontier 90 with the new easier installation fit well in a Nissan Rogue? I'm interested in both harness and booster mode.

    Long version:
    It's time to rejigger the carseats.

    The main car is a 2012 Nissan Rogue. The second car is a Volkswagen Passat.

    Baby is almost too tall for her Chicco Keyfit 30, which has a base installed in both cars. 3.5 year old is forward facing in an Evenflo Symphony E3 in the Rogue and a Cosco Scenera in the Passat.

    The kids ride in my car during the week and the carseats in my car are pretty much permanently installed. We all ride in my husband's car on the weekend and he frequently removes his seats during the week so colleagues can ride with him.

    My working plan is to move baby into the Symphony and the Scenera, and get a harness to booster seat for my son. I'm thinking of a Frontier 90 because of the click-tight installation and the no-rethread harness. I'm alternately thinking of a Graco Nautilus because it's cheaper. If we go with the Frontier, the easy installation might mean we just have one seat that we move between cars. If we go with the Nautilus, we will probably want a lightweight seat for my husband's car. (The moral equivalent of the Scenera.) What would that seat be????

    Or, we could get another Symphony. That's also an option. But that still leaves us with the second-seat problem.

    I'd like someone to confirm that the new Frontier 90 fits well in a Rogue (I hear it's a big seat and the Rogue has a small backseat. Then again, the Symphony's not small.) I also read another thread where someone was complaining that the seatbelts in the Rogue aren't long enough to fit around the Frontier well in booster mode, and keep engaging the seatbelt lock, and are hard to get off. That would be a problem too.

    Your thoughts and experiences are welcome.

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    Re: Frontier 90 (or Nautilus) in a Nissan Rogue

    My DH has a rogue and we have put our frontier90 in there without an issue, I still have my 5yr old harnessed in it so I can't attest to booster mode. I could try it come Sunday but the newer frontiers aren't as wide as the 85 version so I can't see the belt not fitting around since we have no issue with using our Britax Parkway booster in there and its not much wider
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