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    I do nannying so I work with a lot of different car seat and vehicle combinations and tonight had a first. I had to install a Cosco Scenera FF in a 2005 Ford Focus (my moms car) and I used the LATCH to install outboard drivers side and I could NOT get it where the car seat would not move. I had the belt as TIGHT as I could pull it (and I'm not weak, I'm crazy about installing car seats properly/tight) and it was still wiggling side to side WAYY more then 1 inch! The belt was so tight but the carseat was sliding all over the leather seat! I even pulled the seat cover back and pulled the LATCH strap from inside the seat!

    I have a Maestro installed on the passenger outboard side and it fits perfect and I have had a titan 5 (FF AND RF) installed where the scenera is and I have never ever had this issue! I definitely won't be using this car seat again if I can't find a solution!

    So my question is.. What do I do if the belt is tight but the car seat is still wiggling everywhere? Is this a scenera problem with the shell shape/design maybe and the seat of the car? It doesn't make sense to me at all how the belt can be right and the car seat still wiggle everywhere. Would using the seatbelt work better maybe? I'm just laying with the baby right now and I'm going to go play around with again it when she falls asleep but I was just wondering what you guys thought!?

    Thanks in advance I really do love how wonderful everyone on here is and how helpful you all are!

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    Re: Tight LATCH belts but carseat still loose?

    Is it possible that the adjuster on the strap is stuck on the lip of the belt path, preventing you from pulling any more slack out of the strap?

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    Quote Originally Posted by revz22 View Post
    Is it possible that the adjuster on the strap is stuck on the lip of the belt path, preventing you from pulling any more slack out of the strap?
    That's exactly what I was going to say - I've seen that happen with the Scenera many times.

    If you can't get the seat tight with LATCH, try it with the seatbelt. I've had no problem installing a Scenera RF in my 2003 Focus with the seatbelt.
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    Do you have the FF foot out?
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