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    RF Coccoro on airplane - seatbelt lockoff needed?

    I'm flying to California with my 3 month old and my dad in a few weeks, and plan to take her Combi Coccoro. I've practiced installing it with the seatbelt in my car, but my car (Dodge Caliber) has automatic locking retractors, so I haven't used the lockoff. It doesn't seem like the airplane seatbelts do a very good job of staying tight, so should I be using the lockoff there? I haven't seen any instructions about this online.

    Also, would it be a good idea to ask for a seatbelt extender?

    I haven't needed the pool noodle in the car, but should I bring one just in case?

    And I use the top tether in the car and it seems much more secure, I guess there's no way to tether in the plane, right?

    What are the chances that the seat in front of baby will be able to recline?

    I bought the Coccoro specifically because it works well in planes, but both my parents and in-laws have Chicco Keyfits that they and my husband are encouraging me to take instead. I already got my own way by buying the baby her own ticket, should I de-stubborn and take an infant seat even though I dislike those buckets? If so, any special advice on install?

    Finally, I have no hope of finding a Flash stroller frame, do I. They're not going to release the new one in time, and the only ones I can find on Ebay are Flash EX which doesn't fit the Coccoro I don't think. I'll just bring my Moby and not worry about a stroller - we have a fancy Orbitbaby G2 at home and even that only gets used once a week or so. If I brought a Keyfit I could bring its stroller too but we're already carting along a PacknPlay and I don't love the idea of another huge heavy item.

    Thoughts? Sorry for so many questions, I want this to go smoothly! Thanks in advance!!

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    Re: RF Coccoro on airplane - seatbelt lockoff needed?

    Hi there!

    Airplanes have lap belts, which means they lock on their own and no lockoff is needed (or allowed). I've installed the Coccoro rear-facing on an airplane several times and never had an issue getting it tight. It actually installs beautifully in seconds. (No need for an extender, either.)

    The rounded base of the Coccoro also means you shouldn't need a noodle. Just position it how you want it and maintain that angle while you tighten.

    When I flew with the Coccoro, I used my Flash, but one time I just set the seat (without child) into the other stroller we had and piled our carry-ons into it. It's so light and small that it's really easy to get around

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    Re: RF Coccoro on airplane - seatbelt lockoff needed?

    Thanks for your help! I feel much more confident about flying now. I think I will just get a strap to attach my Coccoro to my roller bag, since I'll now be carrying as much luggage on as possible because Virgin America charges for each checked bag.

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    Re: RF Coccoro on airplane - seatbelt lockoff needed?

    Just to update, both flights went very well. Baby mostly slept - when people ask what my advice is for flying with a baby, I tell them that buying a seat for baby is worth the money in my book! Safer and calmer! Virgin America was great, they just told me that the car seat had to be in a window seat and that she had to be belted in for takeoff and landing. I gave her a bottle during those times and she didn't have any problems. Thanks for all the advice on these forums!

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