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    Evenflo Sureride RF on plane?

    Has anybody tried RF-ing on a plane with this seat? We are flying on Southwest. Thanks!

    Edit to add: DS will be almost 2 when we go. At 18 months, he was 33.5 inches and 26.5 pounds.

    Edit 2: Would it be horrible if he FF on the plane?
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    I haven't used that particular carseat. If for some reason it only fits FF, FF is OK over 1 year / 20 lbs per FAA recommendation, and certainly safer than travel by motor vehicle.

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    Re: Evenflo Sureride RF on plane?

    I don't have any experience with the Sureride for RF on the plane (I've RF a classic Marathon & Safety 1st Uptown which are probably similarly sized). But I had no problem FF my kids on the plane once they were over 18 months if it was easier (I had some annoying people in front of the RF carseats a few times and I don't like confrontation). Once or twice I'm pretty sure I didn't even bother changing the straps for correct FF height for the flight.

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    Re: Evenflo Sureride RF on plane?

    I kept my DS1 rear facing on the plane until he outgrew his CCO rear facing at around 25 months. When we flew again he was in the Sureride and FFing. I'm almost certain you won't be able to RF the Sureride on the plane. Though we did fly one of the newly refurbished/built SWA planes a few months ago and it had more legroom than the others. Noticably so, but I still don't think a Sureride would fit RFing on that one. We have switched to a Guide 65 due to the compactness. I would just FF your little on on the airplane. Happy travels!!
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