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    Cosco Scenera Review

    I have had this carseat for about 1 year and have used it with many sized children and both forward and rear-facing. I was very pleased with the purchase price of this seat ($35 on sale)

    I really like that the crotch strap has different slots for different ages and sizes.

    It is approx 17 inches at the widest spot

    Top slots are at 14 inches, Lowest are at 7

    The harness adjusts from the front which is very handy and I haven't had any problems with the harness at all.

    Installation for this seat is very easy forward facing with the seat belt, and took a pool noodle and some work to get a good rear-facing install.

    LATCH installation I was not pleased with, I could never get a good install RF'ing with LATCH so I never used it, Forward facing was an okay install with LATCH but I perferred to use the seat belt.

    Another thing I love about this seat is that it is very lightweight and easy to transfer from car to car. Overall I have been VERY pleased with this seat!!!
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    Carseat Crazy
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    Re: Cosco Scenera Review

    -I recently bought the new Pink (Daisy) Scenera since it's so cute! I did not need an extra seat but wanted this one since I know it's a good seat overall for the price (I also have a Radian, Parkway,( and Cargo which I'm not using at the moment).

    -I like the fact that there are 3 buckle positions. My friend (the foster mom of my little friends) has a Scenera that only has one buckle slot and she says it's tight and hard to fit baby in (seat has a DOM of Sept. 06-in Canada).

    -the Daisy print has nice fabric

    -the one thing I can't understand is why do car seat manufactures make the top slots low when we know many children grow fast!

    -Overall, I think it's a good seat for it's money although I know it's much cheaper in the US!

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    Re: Cosco Scenera Review

    Thanks for posting this. I was just coming here to ask about this seat. I am going to pick on up at Walmart for $39. We are flying home for a few weeks next week and also at Christmas. I want to have a seperate seat to bring with us. I don't want to risk damage to my Marathon and the price of a bag to protect it is more than the price of this seat.

    I figure we will leave this up there since my father will be dropping us off this time and picking us up next time!

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    Admin - CPS Technician Emeritus UlrikeDG's Avatar
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    Re: Cosco Scenera Review

    When you fly, you should actually use your child safety seat on the plane. Not only will your child be more comfortable, but it's safer as well!
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    Re: Cosco Scenera Review

    aw the pics are no longer showing up.
    Mommy to 3 girls 10,8,5 and 2 stepsons 6,5 Wife to Anthony Big Guy Normally in the drivers seat

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    CPS Fanatic sb518's Avatar
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    Jun 2007

    Re: Cosco Scenera Review

    Oh no... I'll have to track down the pictures. That makes the whole post!

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    Carseat Crazy rosey2007's Avatar
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    Jul 2008

    Re: Cosco Scenera Review

    I got one of these seats and did not care much for it, but for the price you cannot go wrong. Here are some positive things about the car seat: it is lightweight and it has a good price for folks who cannot afford to spend a lot of money. The con's of this seat for me were, no protective foam, no a lot of padding in the seat, the straps always twisted and the latch connectors were not the allegator kind. I ended up giving this car seat to my sil(who was using a garage sale and no DOM on the car seat and her other child seat was held together buy bungy cords). I think that all in all that I would give it three stars and think this is one of Cosco's better seats that they have out.

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    Carseat Crazy rochelle's Avatar
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    NorCal, formerly SG

    Re: Cosco Scenera Review

    DS2 used the scenara from newborn to 3yrs old.
    DS1 also outgrew the scenara by harness height at 3yrs old

    DS1 and DS2 were rearfaced til 1 yr old for exceeding the rearfacing limit by weight.

    we used the scenara on a 17hr (7 + 9) flight for our DS1 when he was 8mths old.

    we used a infant car seat support from newborn until they outgrew it as the scenara was pretty hard, no foam.

    for the price we are happy with it, but wont recommend it for a newborn without infant head support.

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    Re: Cosco Scenera Review


    Another review:

    [ame=""] Cosco Scenera Convertible Car Seat: Baby[/ame]
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