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    Fuel Efficient Car possible 3 carseats

    I'm just wondering what y'all would recommend. I'm looking for a newer used car hatchback that could potentially fit 3 carseats in it. I've currently got a 2 year old and will have a newborn in July. I'm hoping that we'll keep this one for a while and we do plan to have at least one more kid.

    I'm really bad and have hopped from car to car for various reasons, I really prefer SUVs, BUT I'm so tired of the gas (and their price!). I was set on a Honda CRV, but if I can find a hatchback that fits our criteria, I'm more inclined to lean that way (waaay cheaper).

    SO, criteria. Newer. Under $14k. Possibly fit 3 carseats in the back. Ample leg room. My husband is 6'3" and 280lbs, so he needs quite the room up front. I'm hoping this car will be my daily driver and our "family car" when we're all home together. For now, hubby can fit both car seats in his Jeep Wrangler.

    I am tempted to look at the newer Nissan Versa Note (its legroom dimensions were similar to the CRV) but some online sites have rated it very poorly. =\


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    I would get the Mazda 5 with your criteria.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunnydayz View Post
    I would get the Mazda 5 with your criteria.
    The mazda5 MAY meet your criteria but with how tall your dh is, the front may be too small. My dad who is 6 ft and about 300 lbs doesn't really like to be a passenger in it, though for short periods does ok.

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    Re: Fuel Efficient Car possible 3 carseats

    How new do you mean by newer?

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    I really like my 2013 Scion xB. Plenty of room in front, fuel efficient for the size and trunk space!!!! I don't have 3 across yet but I'm pretty confident it will works.
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