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    Can you verify that you can or cannot use rear side seats latch systems to install rear facing infant seat in middle?

    I have a 2012 Acura TL, and it has latch for both rear side seats, but only overhead in the middle rear seat. We have a Britax rear facing infant seat and it says it can be used with any latch system up to 20 inches apart even though standard is 11 inches apart. I would prefer to have my infant seat in the middle with the latch, but in this case is it safer to use latch on a rear side seat and not the middle, or is it safer to use infant seat in middle and use side seats latch or forgo latch and use seat belt?

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    Re: Can you verify that you can or cannot use rear side seats latch systems to install rear facing infant seat in middle

    In most vehicles, it is not allowed. I'm sure someone with a LATCH manual will come along shortly and help you out, but until then, I'd assume it's not allowed.

    Assuming you can get a good install with both, LATCH is not safer than a seat belt install. The middle is statistically safer, so a seatbelt install in the middle would be preferable to a LATCH install outboard IF you can get a good install. If not, installing outboard is not an UNsafe option by any means. Parents of more than 1 child have no choice but to use it for at least one of their kids.

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    Per 2013 LATCH manual, LATCH borrowing is not allowed in Acuras.
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    It is not permitted to borrow the lower anchors in an Acura. The Britax infant seats have lock offs on the bases, though, so they are very simple to install with the seatbelt.
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    I don't have a LATCH Manual in front of me, but I'm almost positive Acura does not allow borrowing anchors for use in the center.

    I would try installing in the center with a seatbelt first, and if that doesn't work, move it to the side (and use LATCH or the seatbelt).

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