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    Foonf owners: Have you removed the cover/harness from a Foonf to clean up a big mess?

    I am thinking about buying a Clek Foonf, but I am concerned about cryptic/conflicting information about removing the cover for cleaning. Also I believe the harness is replaceable but I would love to hear from someone who has actually removed it or at least figured out how it would be removed (I understand the rethreading instructions, I'm taking about removing the straps at their lower attachment point).

    Basically, I'm reluctant to spend $400 on a seat if I won't be able to thoroughly clean it when the infrequent but inevitable car sickness or diaper explosion occurs, and I haven't been able to find any concrete information about this online (including at the URL that the Foonf manual claims has cover removal instructions:

    Thank you for any experiences or information you can share!

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    Re: Foonf owners: Have you removed the cover/harness from a Foonf to clean up a big mess?

    Hi Baj, the harness is replaceable on the Foonf and replacements are available from us in the event it's needed.

    As for the cover, the bottom seat cushion cover is easily removable with a series of clips on the bottom of it, and the instructions for that are in the manual. The remainder of the cover can be removed and cleaned but you would need to contact us for those instructions. It's difficult to describe Crypton fabric until you've actually seen it in action, but so far as the fabric itself goes, anything that does get on it is only going to be on the surface. Because of the way that Crypton fabric is made, the fibers of the fabric themselves are impermeable. This means that surface cleaning is just as effective as actual hand washing of the cover. (Although for the seat cushion cover it would definitely be easier to take it off if faced with a significant mess.)

    Hope this helps and please feel free to contact customer service if we can be of any further assistance. Our number is 1-866-656-2462. Have a great day.

    Trudy ~ CRST-IT and Child Passenger Safety Advocate

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