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    Graco classic vs click connect for my car and stroller?

    Hi all-

    Looking at the Graco click connects and classic connects listed on Amazon, some are 30 and some are 35. We have a 2006 Honda Civic and a 2004 Toyota Prius- and I was planning to get the car seat adapter for the Citi Mini stroller. Would these work for these car seats, anyone know? First pregnancy, and the car seat thing is making my head spin!


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    Re: Graco classic vs click connect for my car and stroller?

    Classic connect 35 is your best bet. It should work with citi Mini adapters...and if you travel or ever need to install without the base, you can use the European belt path (the shoulder strap wraps around the back of the car seat for a more secure installation.). Check out carsearlady website.

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    I believe to use that adapter you need to go classic connect.

    The classic connect 30 and 35 are structurally different. The 35 is a wider and taller seat with a lock off on the base (for seatbelt install). The 30 is narrower and I bit shorter and the base isnt as nice(buts its still decent to work with). The snugride 22 doesnt fit small babies very well and is trickier to install, in addition to being outgrown more quickly.

    The click connect 30 and 35 are the same shell and base the only difference is the weight limit(and most kids will outgrow by height before 30# so I wouldnt spend more for the 35 unless you like the cover better).
    The click connect 35lx has a headrest that moves the straps with it and a lockoff on the base. The click connect 40 also has a headrest that moves the straps, gets taller and a fancy pants base(it slides forward and back to adjust the recline and make more leg room for older kiddos!).

    Hope that helped-let us know if you have more questions and congrats on the new baby

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    Smile Thanks!

    Thanks for the helpful responses! After some more research, I'm planning to get the Graco snugride 30 classic connect, and a base for my hubby's car. Thanks again!

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