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    Cool Car seat inspections

    I don't know if this is the appropriate place for this thread, so feel free to move it if needed.

    I am the chairperson of my neighborhood's community watch, and we are going to be putting on a Crime Prevention event in October. It may be a stretch (as a community watch), but since we are going to be offering fingerprinting for kids, etc., I was thinking that we could also offer car seat inspections.

    If the event is just a few hours long, what is the feasibility of accomplishing this? How many car seat checks can a person do in a few hours time? What should I expect to pay per inspector? If the inspections are a roaring success, what is the likelihood of having an inspector come to our neighborhood on a monthly basis to do inspections at our clubhouse?

    Thanks in advance for your input.

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    I think it's a great idea. I would start by contacting a local SafeKids chapter or coalition. They might be looking for a place to hold a check, and it might work out well. Or even if they're not, there might be techs available that can help.

    If it were done in conjunction with SafeKids, you probably wouldn't have to pay anything (though providing food for the techs is always nice). If you find techs who can do it on their own, fees can range from free up to...who knows what. But it's definitely worth contacting some people to find out.

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    Great idea!

    Definitely get in touch with your local SafeKids! Around here, we would bring the van, provide techs and the needed supplies. Our techs are almost all volunteer; the only ones paid are those paid their hourly wage through their jobs to volunteer at the event. We do give gift cards to our techs - I think they are paid for by SK, not sure, actually. But still, no cost to those hosting the check. The only cost might be if you wanted to provide lunch - sometimes places will provide a Subway tray, bagged chips and canned soda, which the techs always appreciate. Your local SK coalition would be able to give you their particular guidelines, though
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    Also wanted to mention some areas have a county or city child passenger safety program that operates outside safekids. Everyone checking seats should be certified child passenger safety technicians.

    Its great that you want to bring this service to your community!

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