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    which seat would you use for road trip?

    DS ended up making to 4 rf in his xtsl. I had already ordered a prosport thinking he wouldn't so we have that ready to go in the car. I am a terrible judge of knowing when the seat is outgrown by height when it starts getting close. I THINK he has about 1/4in but that solely depends on if I'm doing it just right I'm really not sure if I should just leave him rf for our Thanksgiving road trip (NC to PA) or install the prosport. My conflict is that I know he'll be safer ff in prosport if indeed the xtsl is outgrown rf, but wouldn't he be safer rf if it isn't? and how safe is it if it is close? The xtsl always seems to end up more reclined after install and he sits in it a bit meaning it ends up touching the passenger seat (not allowed in Sienna) aand tilted to one side (I think due to him climbing in). With all the bad weather, several hour drive (driving thru the night so they sleep!), etc., I am questioning everything like crazy!!
    Sometimes I wish I didn't know all the information I know, lol. Help save me from myself!!
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    Re: which seat would you use for road trip?

    I wouldn't even bat an eye at a 4yr old FF. Perfectly safe.
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    Re: which seat would you use for road trip?

    I'd do the Pro Sport. Give him a foot rest so he's comfortable.
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