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    Climbing into a Rear-Facing Seat

    I am interested in getting a Nextfit when it comes time for us to get a convertible for my baby daughter. My only hesitation is the deep side walls. How difficult is it to get a kid in and out of the seat rear-facing? I know that there is a CarseatBlog video on Youtube of a pre-schooler climbing into a Nextfit, but it doesn't look easy -- at least not universally. I would have been petrified of doing something like that when I was a kid.

    Which seats are easiest to get kids in/out of when rear-facing -- or for them to get themselves into when rear-facing? How old are they when they can start climbing in on their own? I know that the Zeus 360 rotates so that you can get the kid in/out, but the height/weight limits are too low for my comfort.

    On the rare occasions that I've left her infant car seat (Aton 2) in the car and taken her in/out of the seat rather than taken the whole seat with us, I have found it difficult and awkward to get her in/adjusted/out. Is this something I'll just have to get used to with any car seat, or are there certain ones that make it easier than others?

    We drive a 2010 5-door Subaru Impreza, if it makes a difference. Not sure if having a taller vehicle than ours would make it harder or easier.

    Thanks! Any experiences with the Nextfit are particularly appreciated, since it looks difficult to me. I'd love to be told that I'm wrong!

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    IMO, it's partly something you have to get used to (and no better FF, honestly) and partly has to do with the car seat. One of the many reasons I couldn't use a NextFit.

    The Radians are known for ease of loading/unloading as they have low-profile sides. I've found them easiest to use in that aspect of all RF seats.


    Oh, and my DD is 2.5yo and I still put her in. She CAN do it herself, but it's takes her for evvverrr and uh, I still dress her in the morning, so that should tell you something about my patience level (duck...I swear it's my biggest parenting flaw) and how much we rush everywhere...
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    My daughter has been able to climb into her MyRide since she was about 2 - it's not a NextFit, but it does have really deep sides too.

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    Re: Climbing into a Rear-Facing Seat

    My DS1 has been climbing into his seat on his own since around 2. We have a NextFit and have used it in both our Honda Pilot and our Kia Optima. It isn't a problem to load him in either one when he decides to let us do it instead of him doing it by himself.

    One of the reasons I got rid of our Radian was it didn't have the high sides so that is a good seat for you to look at if you are wanting a lower profile seat.
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