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    Inglesina Zippy Or Peg Perego P3?

    I'm trying to decide between the Inglesina Zippy and the P3 for use with my soon-to-arrive infant. I believe both are compatible with the SnugRide (which is the infant seat I'll be using).

    Otherwise, does one outshine the other?

    Opinions very much appreciated.


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    Re: Inglesina Zippy Or Peg Perego P3?

    If I recall correctly, they are VERY similar.

    The P3 frame is aluminum. The Zippy frame is... aluminum.
    The P3 weighs 17.6 lbs. The Zippy weighs... 17.5 lbs.
    The P3 has a max weight capacity of 45 pounds. The Zippy? 45 pounds.
    The P3 has a 5-point harness. The Zippy? 5-point.
    The P3 has a fully-reclining back. So does the Zippy.
    The P3's wheels are 6.25". I don't know the wheel size for the Zippy.
    The P3's handles are 40" and are adjustable. The Zippy's handles are 41".
    The P3 is 40" x 21" x 15.5." THe Zippy is 41" x 21" x 18.25."

    Here is some information I found:

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    Re: Inglesina Zippy Or Peg Perego P3?

    i'd go with the better deal!
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    Re: Inglesina Zippy Or Peg Perego P3?

    I have had both and personally I love my p3 much better! IMO, it feels sturdier? But I think it is all a matter of personal opinion I love the colors of the p3 better also.

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    Re: Inglesina Zippy Or Peg Perego P3?

    I have also had both and I prefer the Zippy. I have had bad luck with peg perego products, as much as I like the way they look.
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    Re: Inglesina Zippy Or Peg Perego P3?

    If you can get an older Zippy, I'd go with that over the new Zippy (Was it 2004.5 or 2003.5 they changed in??--newer ones have the footstep) or the P3. The older Zippy felt a lot more solid. Both the P3 and the Zippy feel like plastic junk to me, so I'd have to say: Neither. Go to a store and put 40lbs of weight in them and steer them around the store with a coffee in one hand. You'll see what I mean.


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