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    Two RF convertible car seats in 2010 Prius?

    Strongly considering buying a 2010 Prius, but am worried about fitting two RF convertible car seats. We have only one dd (eight months old) now, and she's RF in a Safety First Onside Air. If all goes as planned (but when does it ever?), baby #2 won't arrive until she's at least 2 years old. So I know one RF and one FF is a possibility then, but I'd like to keep her RF longer. Husband and I are both about 6 feet tall, so driver/passenger seat space is somewhat of an issue.

    So long story short: do two RF convertible car seats fit in the back without bracing against the front seats, preferably at least one of them being the Onside Air?

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    CPSDarren - Admin SafeDad's Avatar
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    Re: Two RF convertible car seats in 2010 Prius?

    We have a 2010 Prius. As a compact car, let room is always going to be at a premium in a Prius. Taller than average convertibles are definitely going to be a compromise. In addition, depending on the labeling of your Onside Air, the line level requirement may also compromise some space by forcing it to be reclined to 45 degrees.

    An average sized convertible like a Britax Marathon/Boulevard would give you more space, plus it can be installed more upright for older kids.

    Is a Prius V a possibility? That would offer more legroom, but of course is also more expensive and somewhat less fuel efficient.

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    CPST Instructor Carrie_R's Avatar
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    Re: Two RF convertible car seats in 2010 Prius?


    Great job knowing that your daughter is safer rear-facing past two years! You are absolutely right on that count.

    I worked with a family who has three kids, and a Prius. When they just had their two, we had a forward-facing seat of some sort, and a rear-facing Cosco Scenera in there. (It's the same shell as the Onside Air you have now, actually.) Once they had baby number three, we moved to Radians with a Graco Snugride - it was a tight fit, but the Snugride fit okay between the two front seats. The only caveat is that both parents are petite, so I'm not sure how well it would work with taller parents.

    Now that #3 is older, we moved him to a rear-facing Radian, with an angle adjuster, and it fits okay. He's in the middle. If I recall correctly, the angle adjuster was absolutely essential to get it in there, and it really only worked well in the middle.

    I would definitely research seats that can be installed more upright. The Radian is one, the Britaxes Darren mentioned are another, Gracos, too. There are probably more and I can't think of them off the top of my head!

    So yes, I think it is do-able, but it will definitely require some research to ensure you are purchasing seats that install relatively upright - and you may not have as great a selection of seats as you want.

    I hope that helps!
    Down to just a spare Radian, folded in the hall closet for my Godbaby.

    Check out this thread for a Pilot overview!

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    Re: Two RF convertible car seats in 2010 Prius?

    Thank you - that does help. I know it'll be a tight fit, but I wanted to make sure it was really possible. We'll be getting new car seats anyway, so it's good to know what to look for.

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