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    Unhappy Car seat escape artist with special needs

    Car seat advice.... Our 3 yr old can escape his car seat no matter what I've tried other than cable ties, even the. He can sometimes get out unless its synced so tight it leaves petichia. He's starting to show some autistic tendencies and no matter what I say or if I pull the car over, nothing keeps him in it. If I don't use cable ties he'll be out of his seat before I leave the street. We are currently using the Diono ration RXT. He's roughly 34 lbs and 39" tall. Any tips, advice? He's taught our one yr old how to get out as well.

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    Re: Car seat escape artist with special needs

    Hi there! I just wanted to give a bump to your thread so someone with more expertise can weigh in. I also wanted to ask how your son is escaping. Is he undoing the chest clip or the crotch buckle? Or maybe he's reaching down and loosening the harness? I'm not sure how you are using the cable ties or how they are preventing him from escaping, but I'd bet that the posters here can help with a solution.

    While you're waiting for more responses, some solutions that have been mentioned here on are to put a shirt with buttons on the kid (buckling the kiddo, then buttoning up the shirt over the buckles) and putting the scratchy side of Velcro on the chest clip so that it's not comfy for a kiddo to try and open it. I don't know if your Radian has them already, but there are these harness covers that come on the Radian that sometimes deter kids from moving chest clips, so those harness covers may be something to research.
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    Re: Car seat escape artist with special needs


    Besides the suggestions above, if you're using cable ties or anything else to prevent your child unbuckling, I'd strongly recommend you keep a seat belt cutter somewhere accessible that could cut through the cable ties or webbing to get the child out in an emergency. If your setup would require cutting cable ties and not just car seat straps you might want to test the cutter on the cable ties only first to make sure it can cut them.

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    I wonder if flipping the buckle so the button is inside would be ok and/or work.

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