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    Chicco Nextfit - harness tightening?

    We have the Chicco Nextfit in DH's Volkswagen GTI (4-door) behind the passenger seat. We loved how easily it installed and love it in general, but it is still extremely difficult to tighten the harness when the seat is installed rear-facing. I think part of the problem is that we have to pull up on the strap rather than out, like we will for front-facing, but I'm pretty sure it's mostly due to the pressure exerted on that part of the seat.

    Does anyone have any tips for this? Should we slightly loosen the install? It's VERY snug right now, which could be exasperating the problem since there is probably quite a bit of pressure between the car seat and the vehicle seat, thanks to the way the LATCH install works.

    Or does this problem get better over time when "broken in"? We've been using the seat for about 2 months now and it's only gotten marginally better.

    Also - DD (9 months, 29.5", 16.4lbs) fusses quite a bit every single time she gets in that seat, but doesn't fuss nearly as much getting into her Keyfit30. Any tips for making her more comfortable in the NextFit? We do have a mirror in each car so she can see the front and we can see her.

    Overall I really like this seat and we're about to need to buy a second one. Trying to decide between this or if the Clek Foonf in the Drift fabric is worth the extra $100. Definitely want her RF as long as possible, but she's going to have long scrawny legs like I did so hopefully we can find something that is as comfortable as possible while she's RF.

    Also - (sorry for the 2nd "also) - wanted to see which fits better fore-aft while RF... the Clek Foonf or the Chicco NextFit (or something else)? The back seats in both of our cars (mine is a Volvo XC60) are ridiculously short and we're both tall so the drivers seats are relatively far back. Which is why the NextFit is behind the passenger in DH's car. It'll just barely fit in the center in my Volvo.

    Sorry, that was long!

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    I can't help you with the Nextfit (though I think I remember reading that the harness adjuster gets easier with time?), but I do have a Clek Foonf in a Volvo XC90.
    Right now, I have it installed in recline position 1 (the most reclined) in the center. If it were in one of the outboard seats at that angle, I'd have to move my seat up a bit to accommodate it, unfortunately. BUT Clek has said that recline position 2 is acceptable for RF also, and that would buy you more space.
    The other BUT is that, installed in the center, there is more than enough room. It doesn't come close to touching either seat.
    Your XC60 is smaller than my XC90, but I think the Foonf would likely work (remember though, that it can't touch the seats in front at all). I also wanted to add, that we call our Foonf "the no-cry car seat". DD cried pretty much every single ride in her Keyfit30. She LOVES riding in the Foonf!

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    Re: Chicco Nextfit - harness tightening?

    I've had the NextFit since it first came out in March. I've never had any issue with it tightening. I would try reinstalling it maybe. I also have a Foonf. I like the NextFit much better.
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