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    Canada Sedona installation questions-Canada/was Re: Anyone have / know about the Kia Sedona?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mama Jo View Post
    For my 07 LWB, and also applies to the 06 model - Both captains chairs have full LATCH with tether anchors. There are also 2 full sets of LATCH with tether anchors in the 3rd row. One set is on the passenger side, however, the other set is smack in the middle of the center and drivers side seating locations, so it is useless if you need to do 3 across. But if you're installing with seatbelt, you can use the top tether anchors for both outboard seats in the back, leaving the middle seat in the 3rd row as the only seating location without a top tether anchor.
    I have this situation in my 2008 Sedona EX, long wheel base. I need to put two toddlers forward facing in the rear 60/40 seat. Both Radian XT seats. Passenger side has LATCH and tether anchor, no problem.

    It gets a little interesting with the other seat though. Sounds like there are 2 options:

    1. Use seatbelt on driver's side, and use the tether location which is not directly behind the location of the car seat, so the tether will be on an angle. Is the car seat and tether location designed for this scenario? This is my preferred option if it is safe.

    2. Use the other LATCH system and tether, which are apparently situated neither on the middle nor on driver's side - rather, somewhere in between. Is this location description accurate? It seems closer to the centre. One kid just turned three and the other 19 months, so they'll be battling each other if I sit them so close together. And mom with a 3-day old newborn elsewhere in the van, so need peace in the Middle Back...

    Hope to hear back quickly, so we can get cruising!

    Thanks very much.

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    Bumping for an answer for you
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    Re: Sedona installation questions-Canada/was Re: Anyone have / know about the Kia Sedona?

    I don't have my LATCH manual handy at the moment, but what does your vehicle manual say? It's going to be your best bet for determining which seating positions allow the use of the tether anchor in the 3rd row. A slight angle is okay so long as the vehicle manufacturer has designated that anchor as a suitable spot for the seating position in question.

    I understand what you mean about the lower anchors in the back -- they're set into the middle of the 60 part of the 60/40 split, right?

    Are you aware of the significant safety benefits of rear facing beyond age two? Would you consider rear-facing your 19 month old?
    Jen ~ Canadian CPST-IT with CPSAC

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    Re: Sedona installation questions-Canada/was Re: Anyone have / know about the Kia Sedona?

    I think you need to check your owner's manual. I have the exact same vehicle as you, but in the US, and there is only one set of lower anchors in the back seat, whereas it sounds as though you have two sets? In my vehicle, the passenger side (40 part of the 60/40 split) has full LATCH and the center seating position has a top tether only.

    I have had success with RF a Radian in the third row passenger's side (with the seatbelt), buckling the child by opening the trunk and reaching through. (You can also load the child through the hatch if he/she is not being cooperative and climbing into the seat on his/her own.) So I'd give that a shot for the 19 month old.
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