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    How do I fit a rear facing and a forward facing in my toyota

    Hi, we're expecting our second child in a couple of weeks. We own a 98 Toyota Corolla, it doesn't have LATCH. We have an Evenflo rear facing infant seat that we used for the first child and hope to use again now. We have a Graco Tender Cargo forward facing seat for our 3.5 yr old. We are having an impossible time installing the two seats. They can't fit next to each other. So can we put the Graco seat behind the driver side and then the Evenflo on the passenger side--the front seat seems to butt up against the rear-facing seat. Is that okay? We have an appointment with a technician, but it's really close to our due date, so we're trying to figure this out now. Please email me at the address above with your reply. THANKS!

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    It may be OK

    In most cases, it is OK to brace a rear-facing convertible up against the seat in front of it. In fact, this may actually improve the safety a bit as it may reduce the downward rotation of a rear-facing seat in a crash.

    Unfortunately, there are a few exceptions that do not allow certain contact of the rear-facing seat and the vehicle seat in front of it. The Century Smart Move and Evenflo Port About are two that have some specific instructions on this in the manual.

    I'm guessing that since you have had your Evenflo seat since a previous child that it is not a Port About, so you should be OK to do what you have described. Double check your owner's manuals just to be sure, and the technician will be able to verify everything for you also!

    The outboard spots are perfectly acceptable for carseats. The center is our first choice for a single carseat, but in many cases a seat wont fit there, and that's even more of an issue with multiple carseats and LATCH!

    Please ask again if you have more questions!

    Good luck!


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