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    Questions on Chicco Nextfit and Britax FR90

    So...what is everyones thoughts on the Chicco Nextfit and the Britax FR90? Who has them and how do you like them? Tell me everything you know about them..good, bad and the ugly(if there are any).. . thx!

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    Re: Questions on Chicco Nextfit and Britax FR90

    I have no personal experience with either, I'm hoping a bump will get your post some more visibility

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    Love my 90 for the simple install. It honestly is super easy and quick. It's a bit hard to tighten the harness sometimes but not overly difficult. I also think the headrest rattles a bit when my son is not in it but it's not too annoying. The install makes it all worthwhile. I just like knowing I won't have to worry about latch limits when the time comes and you can adjust the height without uninstalling. Also there is no more digging under them for the buckle since it stays forward.

    I have no experience with the next fit but reading on CSFTL on FB most people love them. One complaint is the harness pads have a rubber backing that's irritating to some kids. If I needed a convertible seat that's the one I'd pick .

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    Re: Questions on Chicco Nextfit and Britax FR90

    We have the Pinnacle 90, rather than the Frontier, but the things I love are the same for both models, for the most part. The ClickTight install is truly a thing of beauty! I love that I can pull the seat out any old time (to clean, to give a grownup a ride, etc.), and not have to allocate half an hour or more to reinstalling it. Rock-solid every time.

    I also like that I can change the harness height without uninstalling the seat, though I do think it's a little funny that the headwings end up so high on DS when the harness is at the right height for him. (It's a proportion thing, I guess.) And, we haven't used it this way yet, but because it can be used as a booster without removing the harness or headrest, it's great for situations where kids of very different sizes/ages are going to be in the car. If I was going to get a seat for grandma's car, or needed a seat for a car where it would have to be pulled out frequently, or for a carpool, the 90 would be worth every penny.

    Cons: Um, it's heavy, I suppose, though no more so than comparable seats. I noted a bit of head slump when DS would fall asleep (vs., say, our Diono RXT, or the Boulevard), so I reclined it all the way and now his head stays within the wings.
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    I have mixed feelings about my Nextfit.


    The LATCH install is super simple and, thanks to the lockoffs, the seatbelt install is straightforward as well. The fabric is nice and plush, it's a gorgeous shade of purple, and it washes well (I had to wash mine twice in a week and it held up VERY well). It's a nice, tall seat, the harness adjuster is smooth, and the recline is easy to adjust. And there are so many thoughtful additions to this seat that make it very, very user friendly - such as storage compartments for the tether and LATCH straps and the instruction manual (no losing it anymore!) and a two-step LATCH system that's just...awesome. Those are all things that I really LOVE about this seat.


    The harness pads have been an issue for some people, although I don't mind them much and they don't really seem to bother my daughter (yet) either. I am concerned about how close the harness straps are to her neck though. That'll definitely be an issue as she gets older. But my major complaint is the deep sides and the overall lack of rear facing legroom compared to my Radian - although, the amount of legroom seems to vary depending on the car it's installed in. I'm sure the deep sides are a plus for a lot of people, but I'm used to the low profile of the Radian and so the adjustment has been...difficult. It's also pretty heavy and bulky (I can't imagine taking it on a plane), not particularly narrow (the base is narrow, but the actual seat part is not), and I have trouble adjusting the headrest...although maybe I'm just doing it wrong. The harness adjuster can be difficult to adjust when rear facing if you don't pull it at the right angle

    All that being said, if it had the low profile and the legroom of the Radian, it would probably be my favorite seat.

    Mom to: C (8/03) - Adult Seatbelt , I (9/05) - Monterey, L (11/08) - FF Radian 65SL, and A (10/11) - RF Radian 80.

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    Re: Questions on Chicco Nextfit and Britax FR90

    We love, love, love our NextFit. Gives us great legroom in a Pilot and a '13 Kia Optima. My DS1 calls it his "comfy seat". I've had no problems adjusting it or tightening it. Installs so easily with LATCH. The seat is cool for my DS1 who gets hot and sweaty easily in seats. It is my favorite convertible out of my Britax, Radian, and Foonf.
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    I just posted some comments in the other nextfit thread about the harness and getting DD in and out.

    If you want the 2.5yo's perspective... after having a Radian (which she named"Red Seat") she calls the nextfit "Beautiful Seat" (sounds like "boo-foo seat" ) and says it's comfy. She likes turning her head all the way to the side and "hiding" in it.



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