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    Unhappy Affordable safe vehicle for 2 ERF seats??

    Hi all, this is my first post but I look at and love this site! We unfortunately lost our 2001 Mazda mpv in a crash a few weeks ago and were not in a financial position to get a new vehicle. Now we have begun the search with $2000 down and a budget of $12,000 So far, car shopping seems like gambling... We have taken 3 vehicles to our mechanic and 2 of them needed extensive work. The 3rd, a 2003 passat wagon checked out fine but we are having the issue with our RF radians wedging against the sest backs, even with the angle adjusters the salesman says since the car manuel doesn't say you can't do it, that it's fine, safer even! Maybe so but I'm reading conflicting evidence here. what is it? And also, what newer cars are roomier, safe and affordable? We've looked at the versa hatchback online and are in love w price and safety just not sure about the seats. Any advice is very welcomed

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    Re: Affordable safe vehicle for 2 ERF seats??

    Quote Originally Posted by AthensERFmom View Post
    We've looked at the versa hatchback online and are in love w price and safety just not sure about the seats. Any advice is very welcomed
    Hi, and welcome! I don't know anything specifically about the Versa, but I have an '05 Sentra (which I think is one size up from the Versa) and a RF Radian w/AA and it is definitely tight. It is doable in the passenger back seat, but only because I am the only one who sits there and I am short (5'3"). My husband (5'11") can sit there, but not comfortably and not for long. Installing in the middle allows for a little more room, but still not enough for tall front seat passengers to be comfortable.

    That said, a newer smaller car may have a better setup than an older larger car, so it is hard to tell. If the Versa is a real consideration of yours, I would advise finding a dealership and just trying to install the seats. That's the only way to be sure that a car/carseat combo will or won't work. HTH.

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    Re: Affordable safe vehicle for 2 ERF seats??

    I will say (having a Passat myself) that the rear seat room is less than it appears. I believe bracing is okay in that particular car, but a tech would likely know better.

    And I agree with PP, if the Versa is something you are considering, take your seats with you to the dealership and test install them. I know any future car purchases we make will involve arriving at the dealership with seats in tow, and insisting on installing them to check fit.



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