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    3 across vehicle suggestions

    We have 3 kids (4, 2, 6 months) are are looking for a new vehicle. We have a Kia minivan now and it works well. However, my eldest is moving up to a booster and I'm wondering if anyone has advice on a vehicle that can hold 1 booster and 2 car seats (1 rear-facing for now) that's not a minivan. I need lots of room as we camp too. Any suggestions?
    We have 2 First Years True Fit seats (1 will be rear facing) and a Britax Parkway SG Booster seat.
    Thank you.

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    Re: 3 across vehicle suggestions

    Hello, and welcome to

    Your question is better suited for the Car and Vehicle Safety forum where you will get more focused advice from those knowledgeable about car shopping. I'm going to move your question there now.
    Jen ~ Canadian CPST-IT with CPSAC

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    Re: 3 across vehicle suggestions

    Somewhere on this site there is a list of vehicles with 3 full sets of LATCH. With one in a booster, you don't necessarily need all 3, but it's a good indicator of the width of the back seat. I believe the Chevrolet Impala is one... But none of them were vehicles I was terribly familiar with. I can tell you that recently I borrowed a Subaru Outback and there was adequate room for 2 carseats and an adult passenger, even for a long drive. We've also had the Prius V as a taxi and got 2 carseats and an adult. Both of these are wagon-type cars with plenty of room for gear, and of course the Outback has AWD if that is a consideration.

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    The newer model Odyssey would be great for 3 across and camping imo. Will your 4 year old be in a belt positioning booster or "harnesses booster" (combination seat)? Most 4 year olds don't have the maturity to move to a belt positioning booster and they are harder to buckle in 3 across situations.
    DD (11.5) Seatbelt; DS (9) Incognito; DD2 (7) Britax Parkway; DD3 (4.5) Graco Nautilus

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    Re: 3 across vehicle suggestions

    When you say "not a minivan" are you thinking car or SUV? I'm going to assume SUV. Do you want the option of having a 3rd row (I have 3 kids too so I'm just gonna say that you want the option )?

    A couple of SUVs to look at would be the Honda Pilot, the 8 pass GM clones (Traverse, Acadia, Outlook, Enclave), and the 8 pass Kia Sorento. A lot of full sized SUVs come with a middle row bench option as well.

    Of those, the Pilot is one of the most recommended because it has headrests and top tethers in all rear seating positions- this is very important for seating flexibility with your seats. It is also very 3 across friendly in the 2nd row.
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    I have a 2011 Honda Pilot and it has latch in all three seats in the middle row and an extra set in the back. I currently have three across in the middle a row. A Graco Nautilus behind the driver, a Baby Trend infant seat in the middle and a Harmony Dream time booster behind the passenger. I love it! I keep the third row folded down and have a lot of room for my double stroller and groceries plus anything else. With the third row up there is still adequate room for stuff.



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