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    Double stroller for special needs older kiddos

    I have two sons with autism. They are five and six and weigh about 47 pounds each. We have a plethora of single strollers and a couple double strollers they have outgrown. I need a double stroller that will fit them for a good while for outings. They both run and wander and it is safer in some situations for them to be in a stroller. Help. Tight budget here.

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    Try searching for a "dreamer design" double jog stroller. I used to own one but we sold it about a year ago. Those can fit a very tall child. My six year old still fit in it at the time we sold it.
    I don't think they are made anymore but perhaps you could find a used one, which would be good budget-wise as well.

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    Re: Double stroller for special needs older kiddos

    I don't think there are any budget ones out there. BOB fits a much larger child. A lot of the double joggers go to a very high weight which might work and you can get them on craigslist used. I only have 1 autistic 5 year old in the same weight range and she fits well in the City mini, the valco and they have a double but I think it only goes to 45ish per seat. I know many 5 plus year olds that fit in them. Have you spoken to your insurance about a stroller? Some will cover them as durable medical goods (couldn't get mine to) because a child who runs is a danger, I think it is more likely if they have physical issues like low muscle tone but they do have a lot of single strollers for much older children they may. We use a maclaren Quest the most as it is pretty tall and could be purchased used for $50.

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    Re: Double stroller for special needs older kiddos

    Seated height would be helpful.
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    Re: Double stroller for special needs older kiddos

    I'm not sure how tall your kiddos are but my son is 4, 49lbs and wears boys small and medium shirts. He is on the 3rd to the top slot of his FR85 and 2nd to top slot of his HD360.

    I actually tried him out in a bunch of doubles this weekend. I found that for all of them, he is obviously at or above the weight limit. Pushing him in the store wasn't a problem for any of them... but smooth floors always help His height and leg room for each was the bigger issue.

    Graco Ready2Grow Stand and Ride Double Stroller: This was by far the funniest one to try him in because he couldn't even fit in the front seat. Even if I were to remove the front tray off for him, the seat is incredible tiny front to back and the leg room made his knees come up past his chest. This was in no way a go for the front seat. He fit on the back seat of course but for your situation, the front seat alone rules this one out for you.

    Baby Jogger City Mini Double: when the seat is reclined all the way back, his head hits the back window and his head is even with the back. When he sits all the way up, he has a good 2-3" (I'm a bad guesser and I didn't have a tape measurer). He had okay leg room if he had his legs bent or sat kinda cross legged. But he couldn't stretch out his legs without them dangling off the end.

    Britax B Agile Double - Pretty much identical to the BJCM.

    BOB Sport Utility Duallie - Same height as the BJCM but more leg room. The canopy if folded all the way back caused my son's head to be above the back.

    BOB Revolution SE Duallie - Same height as the other BOB but much better leg room.

    Bumbleride Indie - His head falls off the back if the snaps aren't done on the flap. His head had a bit of room before he hit the canopy sitting all the way up. He had the least amount of leg room, but just by a smidge, compared to the BJCM. He actually told me he liked that one the best, he said it was the most comfy, so of course, it didn't work.

    Out of the ones I tried him in, I liked the BOB revolution the best, but still wasn't in love.

    Good luck and let me know if you find something! We're expecting our second baby and DS will be almost 5 but due to poor motor control planning, he still needs a stroller for walks longer than 5-10 minutes.
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