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    Pilot Install Questions/was Re: 2011 Honda Pilot - 3 Car Seats

    Hi! I know this is an older post, but after reading a bunch of stuff on here, I am now totally confused! I have a 2011 Pilot (which I LOVE!) and I have my 2 y.o. son RF in a Britax Roundabout55 in the middle seat in the 2nd row. I have the seat attached using LATCH. Is this allowed? I didn't see anything about it in the owner's manual, but I have to admit I wasn't really paying attention to that b/c I didn't think it was an issue. Some of the things I've read state that using LATCH in the middle seat isn't allowed in Hondas. Also I really want to use the tether strap to anchor the seat RF using the Swedish method but I can't figure out where to anchor the strap to. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Re: Pilot Install Questions/was Re: 2011 Honda Pilot - 3 Car Seats

    Hi, I'm going to leave the RF tether anchor question to our members who drive Pilots and/or who have installed in them for Pilot specific tips. On the LATCH part of your questions, 2009-2013 Honda Pilots have 3 full sets of LATCH in the second row allowing you to install using lower LATCH anchors in the center. So you're allowed to use LATCH in the center as long as you can achieve a proper install there with less than 1 inch of movement at the carseat's belt path, and as long as your child is below the LATCH installation weight limit, currently 40 lbs. (child's weight only) in Honda vehicles. It's the 2008 and earlier model year Honda Pilot models that don't have a set of LATCH in the second row center and don't allow you to "borrow" an innermost lower LATCH anchor from each side to do a lower LATCH anchor installation in the center.

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    Re: Pilot Install Questions/was Re: 2011 Honda Pilot - 3 Car Seats

    Thanks Jeanum! That is very helpful! It gets so confusing sometimes with all of the information out there. I knew that there were 6 LATCH points in my 2nd row seat, so I figured it was ok. I didn't realize that the older models didn't have all of those. Thanks again!

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