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    Hypothetical problem

    DS will be 3 in May, he's 37-38lbs and 38". FFing in DHs truck(98 Ram),my dad's truck(03 Ram), and my mom's car(PT Cruiser). He's still RFing in my van(05 Caravan), which he's in the most. DD is about 17 months 22-23lbs and 28-29". DS will be staring preschool in June through the school system. He was just diagnosed with Autism, so we are starting him first session after he turns 3. He will be riding the bus. I'd prefer to get a cheap seat for him that we buy ourselves. The cheaper the better, because I won't care much if something happens to it. Also we have signed DS up for a grant that would provide 10-25 hours a week of ABA therapy. The guy that came to talk to us said DS is a good fit for the program, just waiting on the clinic to get the report done so we can get approved and start. When we talked to the guy he mentioned they prefer parents to provide a seat for the therapist just in case, to take him on trips, or take him to his speech or OT if we need them to. I also would like to have at least one seat as a back up at home. Just in case someone wants to take on of the kids or we need it for another child. Also I'm a little OCD about matching seats. I also have Cherry Pie for my CCOs.

    CA65(blue)-Dad's truck for DD
    CA65(Red)- Mom's car for DS
    CA65LX(Rio)- Back up seat
    Maestro(green/brown)- Dad's truck for DS
    CCO(pink)- Mom's car for DD
    CCO(green)- Back up
    MA70(crimson)-my van for DS
    SR32(rattenhouse)- my van for DD
    RA50(cow)-In DH's truck for DD no plans to move
    FR85(cow)- In DH's truck for DS no plans to move

    Brain Storming...
    Dad's Truck-(rarely ride in but installed for emergencies)
    Maestro- DS
    CCO(green)- DD
    DH's Truck-(once a week in)
    Mom's Car-(twice a week in)
    CA65(blue)- DS
    CCO(pink)- DD
    My Van-This summer I'd like to get a FR85(or FR90) for my van for DS then give DD the MA70.
    MA70- DS
    SR32- DD
    Therapist's car-
    Spare Seat-
    School Bus-
    ??? Going to contact SafeKids and see if I can buy one of their program seats for this.

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