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    Technical Info on Ford Explorer Models with Inflatable Seatbelt Technology

    I posted a review of the Ford Explorer with Inflatable Seatbelts on the blog today:

    It's a general review geared towards parents who may have or be interested in purchasing this vehicle. However, I felt the need to also discuss some of the more technical aspects of this vehicle. Info that CPS Techs or advocates could use if they're working with a family that has this vehicle.

    2011 - 2013 Explorer Models:

    Current lower anchor wt limits for 2011, 12 & 13 model years are 48 lbs (child weight only). No limit for TA - follow CR manufacturer's instructions. LATCH limit will change for 2014 Explorer model.

    Non-standard LATCH spacing: Middle row center spacing is 520mm (20.5") which is VERY wide and exceeds Britax's 11-20" criteria. I personally don't feel comfortable with spacing that is almost twice the standard but technically if the CR manufacturer allows it - so does Ford.

    How to install CR with inflatable belts (if CR manufacturer specifically allows installation with these types of belts): Reference video in blog review to see what the system looks like. It's a large, unusual-looking sewn-on latchplate with dual retractors. Shoulder belt retractor is ELR only. Lap belt portion is switchable and should be switched to ALR to lock CR in place. Make sure you follow specific instructions from Britax or Chicco on how to install their HWH CR's with these types of belts. Use LATCH instead of seatbelt for a child weighing less than 48 lbs in a HWH CR.

    In the 2014 MY when Ford transitions to a 65 lbs combined wt limit for LATCH then you may need to move to a seatbelt install sooner depending on the wt of the CR.


    And just for fun....

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    Awesome! I haven't read the blog yet, but I can't wait!

    That photo looks like an Explorer/golf cart hybrid, BTW.

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    Re: Technical Info on Ford Explorer Models with Inflatable Seatbelt Technology

    I was at a Ford dealership today and they let me peek into an Explorer with the belts. I think I taught them some things, and they hadn't had anyone ask or know about them just yet! Here are some pictures - definitely identifiable. I didn't try to install anything with them, but the 2nd row middle - holy plastic. It's going to be tough putting just about anything in that spot!
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Jen ~ Canadian CPST-IT with CPSAC

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    Re: Technical Info on Ford Explorer Models with Inflatable Seatbelt Technology

    If you need any additional pictures, let me know. My dad is a salesman at a Ford dealership.
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