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    Which Combination Seat?

    DS is just a touch under the top harness slot on his Radian XTSL so I need to get a combination seat for him. I admit, since I haven't needed one I'm not completely up to speed on which one.

    He's 6.5 but small, he weighs 44lbs.
    I'd like for it to be a good booster so I won't have to get another one of those when he's ready.
    Fairly narrow as the back seat in my 2009 CRV isn't huge and I do need to get people on either side of the seat in the middle occasionally.

    He has a Nautilus at my mom's which I like but he has head slump when he sleeps. I've really liked our Britax seats in the past so I'm leaning toward a Frontier. Are the SICTs a lot wider?

    How about a Prosport? I've never installed one in a check.

    What else am I missing?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Which Combination Seat?

    The Prosport is a bit narrower than the Frontier, though neither is super narrow. We don't have head slump when the kids sleep. We haven't used it in booster mode, but I've heard it is usually a good fit. I really do like the seat. (The "no top tether after 52 pounds" restriction shouldn't be a problem for you, right?)

    Have you thought about the Evenflo SecureKid 300/400? They might be a bit narrower than the PS or FR, though I don't know for sure, and I've never actually used one myself.

    Honestly for a 6.5 year old I'd personally get a booster. But obviously that's your call.
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