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    Recaro Como - thumbs up! ***Updated***

    Well, we went and looked at a Como today, and we liked it enough that we purchased one. Here's the pros and cons that I've found so far, and if I find anything else significant I'll try to come back and edit.

    Installation - We have this installed in a '99 Suburban, third row, drivers outboard, with a lap/shoulder belt. This seat doesn't install as easily as our Marathon and our Roundabout, and this is probably my least favorite thing about the seat. The beltpath for ff is nice and roomy, and the lockoff seemed alright - not super tight, but good enough. But the seat reclines a bit, and the back of the child seat follows that angle too, which meant that it was more reclined than the seat of my car. I had a really hard time getting a tight installation, and the seat still doesn't feel rock solid like I prefer; it is well within guidelines, but still had a sense of tippiness about it that I'd like to work more on.

    Seat cover - Ours is the Sand cover, and it is pretty as well as being very plush. No complaints here. We did take out the head cushions, as they are pretty restrictive for a 4yo, but we left the bottom cushion in, as it increases the comfort of the ride.

    Belts, chest clip - the belt webbing is thinner/twistier than a Marathon belt. It think we'll have to work harder to keep this lying flat, but it shouldn't be too big a deal.

    Overall size - when installed this sits about like a Marathon. Slightly higher perhaps, but not a difference I really notice when looking in my rearview mirror. The depth, though, is much different than the Marathon. Very, very deep. I like having that physical barrior there to protect my child. However, it does make it tricky to get it into the third row! It is so deep that it didn't lift easily around the other car seats and over the second row seating area.

    Slot height - the highest slots are 19", as compared to the 17" of the Marathon. This was a major factor in our purchase. Two more inches = another year or two of harnessing, which is a good thing for our tall child.

    Overall, we like this seat really well so far. Very cozy, and will give our 4yo a very safe and comfortable riding/napping position in our vehicle.

    UPDATE AUG. 29 2007
    ***The seat wiggled loose after every ride. Even though it was tightened securely...sat in, knelt in, bounced in, wiggled in, lockoff secured, belt locked, tethered...after a ride the seat wiggled loose. I really like the seat, but after struggling with it all day I give up. The seat is going back. Very sad. I took the Como out, and installed a Marathon in the same seating location, and had a rock solid installation in a matter of seconds.***
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    Re: Recaro Como - thumbs up!

    What a bummer that it didn't work in your car!!!

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    Re: Recaro Como - thumbs up!

    Ok, I am going to go do my FFing install with the belt and see what happens. Sorry it didn't work out for you.

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