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    3 across possibility - Canada

    My oldest son (almost 5, 43inches tall; 42lbs) is on the brink (if not already) of outgrowing his car seat, so his father will be moving him into a highback booster. He drives an '09 Corolla and there are 2 MyRide65's on the outbound and the booster will be in the middle. There is a Complete Air currently in the middle, so as long as a booster is within the same dimensions, it should logically fit, right? I'm thinking about the Graco Turbo booster; has anyone done a successful 3-across with that in the middle and 2 MyRide's?

    On that same note, he's also thisclose to outgrowing his RadianXT that I use for him and I need to figure out what booster I want to buy for the cars I take him in. (Saturn Ion and Volkswagon; both '08's I do believe). I'm currently using 2 Radian XT's and a Britax Boulevard successfully as a 3-across, so I'm not sure what booster would puzzle well with combinations of those? I'd prefer to keep using the Britax for one of the twins because he gets car sick and need to be able to see out the windows.

    Note; all seats are FF.

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    Re: 3 across possibility

    You may get better info from the Canadian forum - if you'd like a mod to move your post there, just click the little red triangle icon in the bottom left of your post and you can report it and ask to have it moved.

    Generally you can do a booster/MyRide combo pretty easy because the width of the MR is so high, you can pretty easily scoot a booster underneath and have space to buckle it. The Turbo is one of the wider boosters, but I've had success putting one in between two Classic Marathons, which are somewhat similar in shape to the MyRide so it's worth a shot. Otherwise, I'd try a Britax Parkway, or if both of those are too difficult, you could consider a backless booster like the Harmony Youth or if Canada has the Ride Safer Travel Vest, that might be a viable option as well.
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    We do not have the vests here.

    Mods, please move this thread to the Canadian forum if OP is in Canada. Thx.

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