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    Re: Photos of your kid(s)

    Quote Originally Posted by jwren View Post
    New here and I too just realised that I could quote a post but then needed to delete the photos.. I didn't even realize the photos were being quoted, I think that's a webmaster glitch.. I used to be one so I should the way it should work (needs some proper coding on the webmasters part here to fix.) is that someone can quote the post, but only the text part can be quoted....To be honest...I've never seen this before where a post can be quoted with photos from OP still in tack... Whoever is the webmaster for this website can fix this very easily and they need to do so asap... This is not a normal practice...

    PS: I also emailed the webmaster here of this suggestion... hopefully they will fix it.

    You have been able to quote someones' entire post including the picture on every web board that I have ever been a member of and that has to be well over a dozen boards.
    All someone has to do is delete the quoted picture and leave the text.
    Peggy, RN-Critical Care and Emergency Medicine, CPST and Mommy to Connor (2/05) in a Graco Highback TurboBooster with Safety Surround

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