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    Interesting article about child restraints.

    Nice to see more publications getting the word out about rear facing and
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    Re: Interesting article about child restraints.

    They covered this on a few news outlets last night. The footage on our local news showed a grandpa putting a little boy in a very expired overhead shield seat but at least he said he'd keep the kids in the back a lot longer

    I don't see how the results of this study could be any different, as long as car seat labels and state laws are still saying the same old stuff, yeah?
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    Re: Interesting article about child restraints.

    This is only evidence of my naivete, but I am absolutely astounded by the statistics in that paper. The levels of inappropriately restrained kids are just startling.

    I can understand how some well-intentioned parents could nonetheless get confused by their instruction manuals and make common mistakes, such as "borrowing" LATCH anchors in the center seating position when not permitted, using the wrong set of shoulder slots for RF vs. FF, etc.

    But to allow a child to ride totally unrestrained? Or a tiny tot in just a booster seat and/or in the front seat? What are people thinking?

    The data for the paper were collected 2007-2009 so in some ways it is not surprising that there weren't more 1-3 year olds rear-facing. Our own pediatrician, who is otherwise excellent, was still instructing us on the "1 and 20" rule at that time.

    Americans don't like to talk about race and class but the disparities in the paper are also noteworthy. The regional differences are interesting, too, with kids in the Northeast 2-3 times more likely to be appropriately restrained than in the South or Midwest.

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    Re: Interesting article about child restraints.

    Wow, those statistics are astounding!
    I don't know how to link articles, but a woman I went to hs with was just killed in a head on collision (sounds like her fault) & her 3 year old is still in very critical condition. Neither wearing seatbelts, boy was not in any kind of restraint & was sitting in front seat. Makes me sick and angry

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