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    Backless Booster or Back Window blocked?!

    Hi Needing to switch my 6 year old to the 3rd row in our Ford Flex when baby #3 arrives in a few months. She has the Graco Naltutis as a high back boster right now. But when it gets moved into the 3rd row the high back part takes up ALOT of my back window visability!
    I want what is safest for her, just not sure if she's big enough to be switched to the backless or if there are other highback boosters out there that arent as high. She is average height for her age- just those wings stuck up so much!

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    Carseat Crazy
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    Ontario, Canada

    Re: Backless Booster or Back Window blocked?!

    The nautilus does seem to really block th driver's view in some cars. What about a turbo booster? Also Graco. The head wings aren't as large so there is less visual obstruction.

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    Re: Backless Booster or Back Window blocked?!

    I'm a person that gets very easily nervous when I cannot see out the back window. That being said, I would probably put her in a backless booster to add more visibility provided that she has a headrest that goes up to the tips of her ears and that the shoulder belt would fall naturally on the shoulder. A 6 year old may or may not have a tall enough torso for that to happen.

    The Graco Nautilus is either a hit or miss when it comes to correcting seat belt fit.

    How about the Graco Turbobooster?

    (Sorry, didn't know that someone else already responded...)
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    Senior Community Member Baylor's Avatar
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    Learn to use side mirrors. Since I rarely use rear view mirror.

    auto correct hates me
    A five stepper and a booster rider

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    Re: Backless Booster or Back Window blocked?!

    Does she frequently sleep in the car? If not, I would put her in a backless. You want to safely be able to see while you are driving. Most (if not all?) backless boosters come with a belt positioner so even those with shorter torsos can still have the seat belt adjusted to fit them.

    Jacqui - mom to: DS; 4.5yrs (50lbs, 46", Diono Radian RXT), DD; 12yrs (5'2, 5-stepping)

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    I would keep her in a hbb for another year or 2 or until the back is outgrown. I use my mirrors lots and double check my blind spots. I have kids out of boosters that are taller then our kid in a booster.
    Stefanie - CPST in Iowa
    mom to dd 11,/00, ds 11/01, ds 3/06, dd 04/07, dd 08/12 (radian rxt) ds 12/13 (evenflo sureride)

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    Re: Backless Booster or Back Window blocked?!

    Most backless boosters come w/a little strap for adjusting the shoulder belt correctly, but it's definitely more inconvenient and difficult for a 6 yr old to use than just getting the shoulder belt thru the little holder. I'd stick w/a highback--even if you go out and buy a Graco Turbo Booster or an Evenflo highback booster. Both of those are less obstructing.

    I'm definitely happier w/a 6 yr old staying in a highback booster than a no back booster when possible, but if you decide that you just cannot cope w/those other highbacks (try them first!), at the least, your Flex has a lot of safety features and a no back booster is safe when used properly.


    former CPST & Mom extraordinaire of 2 rowdy little boys & 1 spunky girl toddler, among hundreds of other skills!
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    CPS Technician christineka's Avatar
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    Re: Backless Booster or Back Window blocked?!

    The nautilus is huge! It doesn't fit in my civic with the headrest all the way up. I can fit other, taller hb boosters fully adjusted in the civic. I would go get a dedicated booster and use that. A have a bunch of big kids these days and rely mostly on my side mirrors.
    Christine *mom* to

    Dd1 age 17 (seatbelt), Dd2 age 15 (seatbelt), Ds1 age 14 (seatbelt), Dd4 age 12 (Seatbelt), Ds2 age 10 (Probooster), Dd4 age 7 (rstv), and dd5 age 1 (rfing Pria)

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    Re: Backless Booster or Back Window blocked?!

    Long term, when she continues growing, even without a booster, SHE will block your ability to see out the back.

    however, what I'd do is get her a lower profile highback booster to give you a bit more time to gradually adjust to using those mirrors instead of looking out the back windshield.

    Ones to try would be the Recaro Vivo, the Britax Parkway sg/sgl, the Graco Turbobooster, and The Compass B570

    How tall is she? aka - where are her shoulders in relation to the top slots for harness mode? where does she carry her height... is she leggy or does she have a long torso?

    Check out my new hair blog - Ruthie-dos

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    CPS Technician MaKoski's Avatar
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    Re: Backless Booster or Back Window blocked?!

    When my DD isn't in my mom's car she just lowers the head rest. Its just a push of a button.
    Sarah, 29y, 5'11" mommy of:Ellyza, 8mos, 22#, 30in, 18M torso, RF Radian R120 or Graco MyRide 65
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    Ireland, 3y9m, 36#, 40In, 15.5in torso, RF in a Radian RXT or Graco Size4Me70

    Riding in a 2006 Buick Terraza

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