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    RF again after over a year FF!

    Today ds2 went back RF in the Prius in the new RXT. He is just over 4, 42-43 lbs with clothes/shoes on, and about 40" tall.
    He was always a chunky baby and toddler and he went fully FF around age 2.5 as he hit the RF weight max (33-35 lb.) on all of our seats that we owned at the time.
    He didn't love RF, but complied, and that's saying a lot as it is a tight three across and so there was the resulting sibling sparring as it was the end of the day and patience levels were low. Oldest brother only got kicked in the head once.

    So now our "Prius three across" is three radians:
    RF RN 65 with AA on driver's side for 11.5 month old
    Center FF RN 65 for 5.9 year old who is very slightly over the top slots but at least that's "allowed"
    RF RN RXT with AA passenger side for 4 year old (stats above.)

    I think I like it better than our old set-up:
    FF radian drivers side for 4 year old
    RF radian center (best installed with AA for not touching front seats, but then bad for rear view)
    Parkway SGL booster onpassenger side for 5.9 year old (needing help buckling every time in and out.)

    Eventually we will have to figure something else out, but I like it for now until any of the following: ds2 is closer to 45 lbs, blvd in other car expires and I need the RXT back for ds3, or ds1 has a growth spurt and looks ridiculously tall in that ff radian!

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    Ann, mom to 3 big brothers and a baby girl:
    DS1 - Aug 2006, 80 lb, 56", incognitos
    DS2 - May 2008, 77 lb, 51.5", Vivo or NBB
    DS3 - June 2011, 46 lb, 43", FF in FR85 or booster training
    DD - May 2015, 19 lb, 29", ) Snugride 30

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    Re: RF again after over a year FF!

    It's sort of strange to have a child in that weird 40-45lb range who can RF, FF or booster. Enjoy your new 3-across while it lasts!

    My DS is in a Parkway booster now, but has 2lb left to RF in our newer Radians if needed for any reason.
    DS/2007/Monterey. DD/2011/RF-Radian. Twins coming spring 2014, Keyfits ready & waiting.

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