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    Boosters for big kids

    My kids:
    9yrs (12/02) 75 pounds, about 55" tall - Frontier 85
    7yrs (01/05) 67 pounds, about 47-48" tall - Regent (exp 11/12)
    Both kids have longer torsos, solid with relatively broad shoulders
    we have 2 Graco Turbo Booster HBs for travel/infrequent use 2nd car/Grandma's car

    We need to buy a new seat in the coming months and may do it sooner rather than later because my 9 year old is complaining of his back hurting in his seat. Upon further questioning his back is actually just sweaty. His Frontier has the slick sort of material down the middle back which is not working well for him when he gets in the van after running and playing and being sweaty. He does still have some growing room in the Frontier but I know that at almost 9.5 I should probably chill out and let him move to a seat belt positioning booster full time.

    I have been considering getting another Frontier for my 7 year old. But I am not sure if that is overkill since we are at the point that our original Frontier can go to the 7 year old for use as a 5pt and we could get a BPB for the 9 year old. I drive a 2006 Kia Sedona and they sit in the captains chairs - with LATCH and tethers available.

    I used to be carseat obsessed (served us well when we got in a side impact accident in 2006) but I haven't had a need for new seats for the last several years so I am not current with what is out there. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    DS1 9 yo 75+ lbs 5pt in a Frontier
    DS2 7 yo 65+ lbs in a Regent

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    Re: Boosters for big kids

    Unless your 9 y r old is going to max out the Frontier as a booster (it makes a really tall booster!), I'd pass down the Frontier to the 7 yr old to use harnessed (since you're saying you want to keep him harnessed), and I'd buy the 9 yr old a new booster.

    Some options for a tall high back are the Diono Monterey (which has adjustable width sides), Britax Parkway (not as enclosed as the Monterey, so probably not as hot to him), Recaro ProSport...

    A no back booster is certainly also an option for him at his age and size, but it's your choice as mama! (If I was determined to keep my 7 y r old at least in a high back booster, I know I'd be reluctant to move the 9 yr old to one, b/c my younger child would argue horribly that it's not fair. LOL)

    How does the 9 yr old fit in the high back Turbos? If he has torso growing room in those, he'll have loads of room in the high back boosters I mentioned. Plus, you could always just use one of them.



    ETA: Provided that your child sits properly and fits the booster properly, there's nothing-no evidence-that indicates that a harnessed seat is safer for kids ages 7 and 9 than a booster seat. NTHSA recommends that kids ages 4-7 remain in their harnessed seat as long as possible, and you're doing that w/your 7 yr old. (-;
    former CPST & Mom extraordinaire of 2 rowdy little boys & 1 spunky girl toddler, among hundreds of other skills!
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    Honestly I would get a lbb for 9 yr old and a hbb for 7 yr old.

    I would keep the FR for long trips for 7 yr old but at those ages I would not hesitate to move to boosters for them.

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    A five stepper and a booster rider

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    Are you sure they both still fit in the TB??

    I would be fine with LBBs for both or a LBB for the 9 yo and a HBB for the 7 yo. I would probably buy two LBBs if it were me

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    Re: Boosters for big kids

    I'd put the frontier in hbb mode for the 7yr old... I'd put the 9yr old in a nbb and not think twice.

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