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    Seats that will allow an adult to sit in back in 2009 Forester

    We have a 2009 Subaru Forester. We need to be able to fit an adult in the backseat with our car seats occasionally. We currently have a Frontier 85 for our 34 lb 37" 3 1/2 DS and a Symphony65 e3 for our RF 23 lbs 31" 18 month old DD. We definitely can't fit anyone between the two seats now and they are too wide to put next to each other.

    I was thinking of getting a Radian for our DD and putting the Symphony in our other car. Does anyone know if the combo of a Radian and a Frontier will work to create more room back there or would I need to get 2 Radians?

    We have an Argos for our DS in our other car - is that any narrower than the Frontier or are they about the same? We just got the Argos so if another seat (like SecureKid maybe) would be narrower that it also an option.

    We are planning on having more kids within a couple years, so we will eventually need to put 3 car seats either in my car or get a bigger car ( I am just trying to put off the car purchase for a bit if we can).

    Thank you do much for the help!

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    CPST Instructor EmmaCPST's Avatar
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    Re: Seats that will allow an adult to sit in back in 2009 Forester

    I can fit a Frontier 85 outboard and a RF Radian in the center of my 98 Honda CRV and still have comfortable room for an adult outboard, so yes that would probably work in terms of space.

    The challenge, though, is that the Forester is a notoriously difficult Radian install. The long belt stalks and center hump can make it very difficult, I haven't heard if the angle adjuster helps much - in some cases it changes the geometry enough to make the install much easier. Alternatively, you could try putting the Radian outboard with LATCH if the Frontier install is any easier in the center with the seat belt.

    I also put a Complete Air RF center next to a Frontier outboard in my car and I could fit on the other side, but I was pretty squashed. Hip space across that took up 37"... I think the Radian + Frontier was about 35".
    CPST-I & Colorado Mama to 5 year old Sam & 1 year old Grace, riding in a Frontier and a Coccoro.

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    CPS Technician creideamh's Avatar
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    Re: Seats that will allow an adult to sit in back in 2009 Forester

    Don't forget about the recall on the center seatbelt, too.

    I reaaaaally don't think you'll be able to do Frontier and Radian side by side. I don't know for sure, but my mom has a 2010 Forester, and it has just about as much side to side room as my Prius (although my car has much more room front to back, hehe.) I'm not saying it's impossible, I just don't really see it working because of the contours of the outboard seats. Definitely buy from somewhere with easy returns
    Kate // CPST, SK Senior Checker, & Mom to M (12/2010)

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    Moderator - CPS Technician safeinthecar's Avatar
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    Re: Seats that will allow an adult to sit in back in 2009 Forester

    I think you are working on a pipe dream unfortunately. I don't see how you could fit a frontier in with anything but a Radian, and the Radian doesn't play nice with a Forrester.
    Proud mommy of Becky 18! Danny 15 Hope 12~Auntie to William-14, David-10, and Logan 2~

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    CPS Technician pastrygirl's Avatar
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    Nevermind having car seats in the back; I doubt an average adult even fits in the center position. I don't fit in my '09 center seat without any car seats installed. That position is VERY narrow.

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    Senior Community Member SuzaBanana's Avatar
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    Re: Seats that will allow an adult to sit in back in 2009 Forester

    As a former Forester owner, I'm going to to the rest of the PPs who said No way, No how. Sorry! The Forester is just awful for car seats. Radians are nearly impossible RF, the center is rough to get much of anything in of certain models due to the hump etc. I'd pretty much forget getting 2 seats & an adult in the back or any 3-across. I'm sure there are exceptions, but they will require a lot of blood, sweat, tears, cursing & rage.

    Trade it for an Outback - much more friendly to play with!
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