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    Help me find some stencils for preschoolers

    Any ideas where I can find some stencils for kids?

    At daycare, they've got these big-ish plastic stencils that DS . They've got people shaped ones, etc. They're probably the size of an adult hand. The plastic is pretty thick. Only one cutout per piece.

    I'd like to find some of these for DS. I've looked online, but most of what I'm seeing for kids are small stencils that would better fit older kids. I'm not interested in letters. I want things like people, animals, vehicles, etc. I don't know if I'm looking in the wrong place or if my Google-foo is just weak today.

    Any suggestions?
    CPST, PhD, instructor, and generally busy mom (DS (6/08) riding in a FR85 & a Nautilus and DD (8/12) riding in MR65s)

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    Re: Help me find some stencils for preschoolers

    I was looking for stencils for my preschooler a few months ago too and went on a mad hunt. After buying some I then happened to find a TON at a thrift store! Figures! Anyway-
    try here-

    and then

    and then

    [ame=""] Melissa & Doug Whimsical Wooden Stencils Kit in Sturdy Storage Box: Toys & Games[/ame]

  4. Thank You from:

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    Re: Help me find some stencils for preschoolers

    I also found these:

    There is actually a Lakeshore store near my house. I've never been in one, but I think I will be heading there soon to see what they have. Three of the kids have birthdays next month, so I may just be shopping here for them!

    Marsha, Godmother to Nour & Zain (8) and grandparent (aka "Nanny Marsha") to Ethan (8), Katelyn & Owen (7), and Chase, (6)

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