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    Frontier 85 fabric

    Which one is best? My friend might be moving to Phoenix so she is worried about it being hot. She does not like the Cow Moo but doesn't mind any of the others. I have the Cow Moo so I am no help.

    Also, does the mesh (in the Rushmore and Canyon) fray in it like in some other seats?
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    Re: Frontier 85 fabric

    Blue, Livia, and Onyx are not mesh. Onyx is the same as Diono's Shadow if you know what that's like.
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    Re: Frontier 85 fabric

    I feel like the mesh seats are the hottest. We hate the mesh. Its kinda scratchy and doesnt breathe well to me.

    I personally like the Onyx the best. We had the Shadow cover on our XTSL and they are the same. My son doesnt sweat as badly with this cover.

    Jaiden-16, Kendall-13, Nolan-7

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    I love the Maui Blue and I don't think it's hot.

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    Re: Frontier 85 fabric

    I would probably go with Onyx as well. I live in Phoenix, and really, any seat is going to feel hot when it's summer here. Zain has an Onyx FR85 in his mom's van and a Cowmoo one in my vehicle. I can't say how hot the Onyx is going to be since he hasn't had it in the summer yet. I feel bad about the kids getting into a hot seat and I really worry about the metal buckles so my solution was to buy a "Cold Seat," those seat covers with the ice packs that you freeze ahead of time and just throw over the seat. When I remember to get them out of the freezer before we leave, they do work great!

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