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    A few questions about traveling with a Radian

    K, so in the thread below I worked out how to transport the Radian, but now I'm wondering about installing it on the plane. DS will be 11 months when we travel. It seems that the Radian will not install RF from the other threads I've read. Would you install him ff on the plane (obviously I'd never do this in a car)? He's got fine head control, but obviously this would be less than ideal. The reason I'd really like to take the Radian is that we will have 4 kids in seats (well DS plus 2 hbb and 1 reg booster) in a Volvo SUV and I know the Radian installs well in my cousin's car bc that's what she had for her kids (but the way they abuse seats will not borrow one from her). We will also be doing a fair amount of driving, so I'd like him in a seat he likes amd is familiar with.We also own a MyRide ( grandparent car), but I'd rather use the Radian since I know it will work at our destination.

    So my questions are:
    Can you install a Radian RF on a plane? What about if I can get my hands on an angle adjuster?
    If it can't install RF, would you do an 11 ff for plane only?
    How does a MyRide work on a plane?
    Can a kid in a hbb sit in the third row of am SUV? If so, that makes my concern about getting three kiddos across less.

    I'd gotten so good at traveling with my Snugride...kid had to grow out of it :-(

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    You can install the radian on some planes with an angle adjuster. I've done it on three southwest flights. It is a super tight fit, but the radian rests on the angle adjuster and braces against the seat in front of it, and you can get a tight install.

    However, it also installs like a dream FFing, which is what we'll do for DS on his next flight in may (he'll be 2 and a half, though).

    If you can get an angle adjuster and are on a regular sized plane you can try RFing the radian. But FFing on the plane and properly restrained in the car at the destination is better than RFing on the plane with no way to install seats in the car after you arrive.

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    Re: A few questions about traveling with a Radian

    I don't have a radian, but IMO, the MyRide is a beast to travel with. They are so wide, I have had trouble getting them down the isle. We use Sceneras when we travel, though I am going to have to figure out a new solution next Christmas, as DD will have outgrown the Scenera, and we will have three in seats! EEK!
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    Re: A few questions about traveling with a Radian

    The Radian might install in bulkhead seats. It depends on the pitch of the rows of the airline you're flying.

    Installing the seat ffing is a safety compromise but you might do it just to transport the Radian so he can use it at your destination. There is very little chance of anything going wrong on the flight. It's a decision you'll have to weigh up.

    Another option is to put one of your party in the seat in front of the rfing Radian. It'll be tight and the kid in front wont be able to recline but that probably isn't a big issue.
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