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    Question Key Fit 30 neck pads/strap covers

    Do they have to be used?

    Just brought our new daughter home from the hospital. When I was putting her in her infant seat the strap covers seemed to overwhelm her, they just seemed too bulky. So I took them off. I double checked the manual and I can't seem to find if they mention if they have to be used or not.

    She's just shy of 8 pounds so she isn't teeny tiny. I assume in a couple weeks when she gets a bit stronger etc that I'll be able to put them back on, but I just can't imagine her being comfortable in them right now.


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    Re: Key Fit 30 neck pads/strap covers

    Nope, not required I like them on so that when I tighten the straps they don't rub on her neck, they just slide through the strap covers. With DD2 (the first time I had a Keyfit) I took them off at first, but put them back on fairly quickly when I realized how nice they were for the above reason. With DD3 I never took them off at all. Oh and they were both smaller. 7 lbs 11 oz, and 6 lbs 8 oz.

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    Re: Key Fit 30 neck pads/strap covers

    We kept ours on too just bc it seemed like the straps rubbed their necks when taken off. My kiddos wet 7 lb 13 oz and 6 lb 12 oz. I did have them off for a while when our youngest was about 9 months old bc they were in the wash and my dd ended up with red marks on her neck from the strap rubbing.
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    Re: Key Fit 30 neck pads/strap covers

    We used ours, my daughter was probably 4 1/2 - 5lbs when we started using the KeyFit. It was fine for us. I think in general seat belts seem to overwhelm newborns.

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    Re: Key Fit 30 neck pads/strap covers

    I took ours off for the first couple months. They just seemed to take up too much room on her tiny body and I wanted to be sure the straps were on her shoulders all the way. DD came home at 4lbs, 13oz. The straps without them never bothered DD, but we did put them on after she filled out a little bit.

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