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    Need diaper bag recs please!

    Yes, I'm back to the boards for more shopping advice! I desperately want/need a new diaper bag. Trouble is that I'm capped at $100 for one. I bought a Skip Hop Duo at BRU but am finding it's not deep enough (front to back) for my needs. I LOVE its stroller clips and lack of velcro/zippers. I like to wear my diaper bags with the shoulder strap over my head and diagonally across my chest. The Dash has the same depth as the Duo, so it's out too.

    I tend to prefer a more sporty look than a purse-type bag. I've been looking at the Fleurville Re-run Hana and the J J Cole Mode Tote. Any feedback on these bags or any other suggestions? It's scary when I can't experiment with them in person. Thanks in advance!

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    What about the skip hop Bento? That's the one that I want.
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    I got a JuJuBe BFF off eBay for under $100 and I love it! There is only one main zipper for the compartment and I usually can leave it unzipped (just across the top). I like that it's not too deep that you are constantly digging for stuff but I have been able to pack it with diapers, formula, bottles, clothes and food to travel with and be good.

    I have worn it across my chest and it also has backpack straps which I've used when we've gone to baseball games or places where we have to walk a lot. It hangs wonderfully off my stroller. I know you can buy stroller clips for it but I haven't seen a real need to yet.

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    Re: Need diaper bag recs please!

    I really my Fluerville sling tote. Comes with stroller clips, you can throw over your shoulder or wear. Its very roomy...I went from using my Skip Hop Duo Deluxe to this and as much as I loved that bag I haven't looked back. I couldn't even find love for a jujube packabe.

    Eta: looks like the jj cole mode tote is just like the sling tote. I believe JJ Cole bought out fluerville.

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    Re: Need diaper bag recs please!

    I'm having baby #6, so I buy big bags, lol. I like Vera Bradly bags. Lots of colors and sizes, great reviews, nice prices, matching goodies, and you can throw them in the washer!!! Also, last seasons colors are marked down. Our local Hallmark Store carries a few. I buy online for more choices.

    Good Luck, Kel

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    Re: Need diaper bag recs please!

    Did you find something yet?

    I got this bag and I LOVE it.
    [ame=""] 2 Red Hens Whole Roost One Line Day Diaper Bag: Baby[/ame]
    I like the shape better than the skiphop and it's easier to shove in a small stroller basket and doesn't have the velcro like my SH did.

    The only think that's I'd change is that I wish it had a water bottle pocket on the outside- but mine fits inside just fine. I have CD stuff, extra bottoms for DS2, sometimes my sling or a carrier stuffed in it a lot and it works fine, but if I leave a bunch of it in the car it works well too. It has stroller clips and the little bag that comes in it is perfect for cloth wet wipes (or sposie ones). It also has the only changing pad I've ever carried. It's small and compact. I've never kept them in my bag before because they took up so much room.

    Anyway, I took a chance and asked MIL for it for Christmas and I'm SO glad I did. I'm really not into paying more than $50 for a bag, but I want something nice that will last and hold up.

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