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    harness for bus or taxi

    We're flying to Puerto Rico for vacation and don't anticipate ever needing to get into a car, bus or taxi, except for ride from airport when friends who hv a carseat are picking us up at airport. However, if an emergency arises and we can't use their car seat, we'd like to have a restraint harness that we can pack easily.

    our is 28 lb son (He's almost 3 yo).

    We're not planning to bring our car seat, b/c we don't anticipate needing it.

    We're considering buying a CARES child aviation restraint harness for the plane, and wonder if anyone has used it in a short taxi or bus ride?

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    CARES is for use on a plane only--never for use in a motor vehicle.

    For something very portable, you're looking at a Ride Safer Travel Vest or a Safety 1st Go. (The Go requires a tether anchor, but I think cabs would have them in Puerto Rico. Not positive, though.)

    City buses and the like won't have seatbelts, so no use for a child restraint.

    Why not just take your regular seat on board with you, or buy a Scenera to use on the plane? It's bigger than the other options I mentioned, but a lot less expensive, too.

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    Re: harness for bus or taxi

    I would just take your seat (or get a scenera to bring along) that way you have it to use on the plane, and in case of an emergency/taxi ride.

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    Re: harness for bus or taxi

    Not to mention the CARES doesn't have a crotch strap, nor will it make the lap belt fit. And at 28 pounds, the lap belt won't fit. So I'd bring the carseat so you have something for the plane. Then it'll be there if you need it.

    The RSTV has a 30 pound minimum, and it generally doesn't work as snugly on a lot of kids right at 30 pounds. Sometimes it's 32 or 33 pounds. So he may not fit.

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    Re: harness for bus or taxi

    For a 28-lb 2-year-old I would take a seat on the plane, too. It's not nearly as bad as it seems to drag a carseat through the airport. Lots of ways to make it easier! Then you won't have to question the safety/appropriateness of the seat on the other end, either, should you have to use a seat down there.
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